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Since January 4, 2022, the value of decentralized finance (defi), has fallen 21.22%. The total value (TVL), in defi at the time was $255.84 billion. Today, it is about $201.55 trillion.

TVL, Defi: $54 Billion Loss in Two Weeks

Digital currency markets have lost significant value over the past two weeks. However, decentralized finance’s value has dropped significantly. The TVL in Defi has lost $54.29 Billion in Value since January 1st.

Today’s TVL for defi stands at $201.55 billion, which represents a decrease of 1.19% within the last 24 hour. Although it experienced a substantial drop in its value, defi still holds more than half of crypto’s total market share.

Value Locked in Defi Slides 21% in 2 Weeks, $200B TVL Still 9x Larger Than This Time Last Year
The TVL in Defi, which was $20 billion at January 2021, is now $201.55 Billion, a 10x increase over last year.

Since the start of 2021, the share of defi in the crypto economy has “more than doubled from 2.8% to an all-time high of 6.5%,” according to stats from’s annual crypto report.

Curve Finance’s dominance rating is 9.69% at the time this article was written. This defi protocol has $201 billion in locked funds. Curve has an active TVL of $19.53 billion and is present on eight blockchains. Metrics show Curve’s TVL is down 16.34% over the last seven days. Curve is closely followed by Makerdao and Convex Finance. Aave and WBTC are the next in total value locked.

Ethereum Defi Dominance Still Reigns, Fantom’s TVL Jumps 59%

The TVL for defi is currently $201 billion. However, Ethereum’s value is $119.04 trillion. Ethereum’s TVL represents 59.06% of the aggregate TVL across all defi protocols on Sunday morning (EST).

Terra’s blockchain commands $16.94 billion, followed by Binance Smart Chain’s $12.22 billion. Fantom holds the fourth-largest position today in TVL, with $12.06 Billion.

Avalanche is fifth with $8.62 Billion TVL, while Solana holds sixth with $8.12 Billion. Terra’s largest defi protocol is the application Anchor, BSC’s biggest is Pancakeswap, and Fantom’s is the Multichain protocol.

Avalanche’s biggest defi protocol on Sunday is Aave and Solana’s is the application Serum. While most blockchains shed value this past week, Fantom’s TVL jumped 59.61% and Heco’s TVL spiked by 52.77% in seven days.

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