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Upland, a mobile-first, blockchain metaverse, allows users to purchase virtual property based on real addresses. They can then build upon those properties to increase the value and also sell them to expand their virtual estate portfolio. The open economy of Upland allows it to draw mass market markets. Everyone can take part in ownership through different tiers of cost. Register to Play Upland.

The Upland maintains and expands the Metaverse Economy

Upland quietly expands, grows, maintains, and expands the metaverse economy. The platform is not only an acquisition game – selling plots of metaverse land to its Monthly active users: 392,746It also sells NFTs. To date, Upland sold NFTs in excess of $3M+. Upland was founded in Silicon Valley in June 2019. It has evolved from being a property trading site to becoming a metaverse destination with a lot of features that is entrepreneur-driven. In the past 30 days, there were 242,107 users online.

Upland can attribute its success to the value it brings users. Upland’s mixed reality Monopoly-based gameplay is broadly appealing to the masses, and Upland is created for a broad user base, not niche gamers.

Unity’s 3D World will gradually offer more tools to developers and users. In an intelligent move by Upland, the company will allow real estate owners to build whatever they want “behind closed doors” of their property. Upland is home to 280,000 individual property ownersProperties on the secondary market are, in average, up 6. More than 234% less than the mint price, bagging Upland customers more than $7M to date collectively.

Rio de Janeiro Founds Cool New Partners

Rio de Janeiro officially launched Upland as the first international capital. There was excitement. Rio was launched on Upland as a city in July 2022. 50,000 properties sold out within a matter of hours. Upland’s users established a new record for minting at 54/second, or 3,230 per minute. Rio de Janeiro marks the start of an international expansion of virtual properties that are mapped to real-world counterparts. It also adds a new developer team to this country.

This expansion will expand the metaverse, and bring more people into Upland’s economy. Upland will have the chance to experience local cultures that are not found elsewhere in this metaverse. Aside from that, Upland is excited to bring new partnerships into the metaverse – partners that add new dimensions to our economics, sprinkle in a little culture, and add extra energy to Upland. Upland, Rio De Janeiro welcomes Mangueira School of Samba! Mangueira is one of Brazil’s oldest, most revered samba schools and carries a long tradition of popularizing samba music and dance.

Upland also enjoys working with other prestigious partnerships. Other global brand partners include National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), Portugal’s leading soccer club FC Porto, Spirit Halloween, and Hyperloop.

One of the most exciting recent partnerships is with Brazil’s Flex Interactiva. 3D InteractiveBrazil has created solutions UplandThe metaverse now offers 3D experiences. Embedded brands have the opportunity to start their Blockchain journey. This gives users the chance to experience immersive experiences through the platform.

Register with this link to learn more about metaverse and become a member of the community TwitterOr Discord. Reddit and Facebook are also maintained by Upland.

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