Tron Did Well Last Month, Can TRX Do Better This November?

Tron, an open-source, blockchain-based decentralized system, released the October report.

The company that created the cryptocurrency TRX highlighted the latest developments, giving its supportive community many reasons to rejoice.

Tron’s election to the presidency was among the items included in the report. The first national blockchainDominica that allowed digital currencies to be exchanged within the country, such as BTT, JST and USDD.

Huobi Global, the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, invited Justin Sun to participate in the creation of decentralized network. Part of its advisory panel.

Meanwhile, Tron Grand HackathonThe relaunched, a third-season series that allows blockchain enthusiasts to present their ideas and get noticed by experts in the field.

The TRX performs well in October

TRX was able to make up some of the losses it suffered in September by pumping its prices to $0.064 last month.

These are just a few of the possible causes for this. impressive performance of the Tron crypto was the notable influx of 4.45 million new users that joined the network’s ecosystem.

It led to a huge increase in transactions made possible by blockchain, reaching 186 millions by the end the month.

However, the altcoin seems to have lost its momentum. It is in a decreasing trend for 24 hours, according to track from Coingecko.

TRX trades at $0.062 as of press time and has fallen by 2% in the past seven days. Despite this price decline, TRX is still in the green zone when it comes to its monthly and biweekly charts.

It’s the 15ThThis cryptocurrency is ranked number one in terms of its market capitalization and has an overall value of $5.728 million.

Prices Forecast for TRX

Although the trading price Tron crypto is currently experiencing a downward movement, the network’s community can expect bullish rally from the asset, at least according to forecasts from Coincodex.

TRX should increase over the next five working days. Possibly a slight increaseThe spot price is currently $0.063, which represents a change of almost 2%.

The digital coin will continue to gain momentum and trade at $0.067 per day.

These forecasts, like all other crypto coins, aren’t set in stone. TRX is just as volatile as any other cryptocurrency.

 Featured image from Zipmex, Chart:| Featured image from Zipmex, Chart:

Disclaimer: This analysis is the author's own understanding of crypto markets and shouldn't be taken as investment advice.

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