Top 5 Staking Tokens To Consider in Investment Portfolio in 2022

COVID-19 is a deadly disease that has led to many deaths around the world and presents a unique hazard for public health and food safety. As the uncertainty grew and the economy became worse, cryptocurrencies were popular.

The long-term holders of crypto coins saw staking not as an opportunity to keep their coins, but as a means to get rewards. It is a fascinating way to help improve the efficiency and security of blockchain projects while also earning passive income. The blockchain can process more transactions and is therefore more secure. Let’s check out five staking tokens worth investing in this year.

Terra (LUNA)

Industry statistics show that Terra (LUNA), reached a record $20.05 billion total value locked (TVL), across all 13 of its product lines. Terra’s TVL was $11.9 billion on Dec. 1, up 68% in less than a month.

The platform’s users are staking significant amounts of money into the system. Currently, LUNA trades at $90. This is 12,000% more than its January 2021 value of $0.7. LUNA’s annual staking payout is approximately 12.10%.

PancakeSwap, (CAKE)

PancakeSwap, a popular staking platform that lets users stake CAKE currency, is very popular. Investors who stake CAKE coins may be able to earn more CAKE and other currencies. Binance Smart Chain transaction costs are lower than Ethereum.

You can either claim your PancakeSwap reward or reinvest it. The CAKE coin has an annual return of 31–42 percent, making it one of the finest crypto staking currencies available.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

SHIB is a valuable asset that many investors consider to be an asset they should acquire and keep in their crypto portfolio. SHIB holders may now stake/bury, farm/dig, and farm/dig their tokens thanks to the ShibaSwap exchange’s debut.

Shiba Inu uses Ethereum (now PoW) to operate. However, the original SHIB quantity was issued upon its launch. It cannot therefore be mined. SHIB owners may stake or bury their Shiba Coins on ShibaSwap to receive BONE tokens, 0.03 percent ETH Swap transaction fees and ShibaSwap.


JEDSTAR, despite being a young project, has made an impact in crypto communities thanks to its unique approach to solving some of the problems that face the industry. To mention a few, there are concepts like royalties for NFT authors, mining through a mobile app to enable lower-income people to earn money, and anti-‘pump-and-dump’ methods.

However, the showstopper is the $KRED, with Currency as a Service; This will be the first project independent cryptocurrency that will allow game developers a ‘plug-and-play’ solution to transform their game into an actual GameFi game, without worrying about managing their cryptocurrency themselves with even access to a universal currency.

JEDSTAR’s STARSTAKING platform, which can be accessed at, allows users to stake their utility token $JED in exchange for $KRED rewards. You can get benefits starting at 5x (300%) for 30 Days and going up to 120x (120,00%) each year.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is an efficient, scaling blockchain that was designed to be scalable. Scalability is accomplished via Solana’s cheap fees and fast transactions, thus making it an excellent staking currency. Transactions take only seconds.

You can stake your coins on the Solana network with more than 640 validators. However, one cannot run their own Node. SOL coins’ value has risen to $210, an unprecedented high in recent months. With Solana, investors may anticipate yearly returns of 7–11%.


Foto by Possessed Photographic on Unsplash

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