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Maria Muñoz, a Spanish deputy from the country’s Congress, wants to position its country as a reliable alternative to miners that are facing a dire situation in Kazakhstan, after their internet service was suspended, affecting their operative capacity. Muñoz sent a letter to the congress, inquiring about the possible actions that Spain might take to attract fleeing miners, and about the impact this event has had on the Spanish mining sector.

Spanish Deputy Maria Muñoz Inquires About the Consequences of the Kazakhstan Situation

Maria Muñoz, a deputy of the Spanish Congress, has directed a letterThe institution to inquire about possible steps that could be taken by the government to capitalize on the situation and take over the mining operations of those fleeing Kazakhstan. In response to protests and civil unrest following a hike in fuel prices, the country also shut down internet access. This has affected many bitcoin miners who settled in the country. The bitcoin hashrate fell by as much as 12%, according to reports.

Muñoz takes this situation as a backdrop to inquire about the information that the Spanish government has regarding these developments and how they are affecting the cryptocurrency mining operations that are currently happening in Spain. In the same letter she asks for information about Spanish government’s growth in this industry and how it is affected by Spanish energy.

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The cryptocurrency cause is not new for Muñoz, who has been interested in the sector and its possible regulation in Spain since before the Kazakhstan situation. A deputy from Ciudadanos, a liberal party faction, was part of an October law proposal to develop a national strategy in cryptocurrency. This would enable them to set a clear framework for investors to protect themselves from fraudulent transactions.

As a result, citizens might have false expectations about the matter. This led to the party asking for campaigns to help citizens understand cryptocurrencies and coordination efforts to create a European Union-wide cryptocurrency regulation.

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