The Tiktok of Crypto Is Growing in Adoption

BULLZ is a new platform for sharing videos and making money with crypto picks. It already has 26.8+million users. Within 4 weeks of release, top creators including melissasantos, jollygreeninvestor, thestockbunny, joeybirlem, gavin_mayo and many more have already discovered BULLZ and it’s new monetization opportunity for themselves.

Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Reddit are some of the more prominent web2 companies that are currently exploring blockchain or NFT technology. However, there are many conversations surrounding crypto monetization. Particularly, it is evident that creators are seeking new revenue models and equitable relationships. The largest open-market study of 1,624 creators revealed a new type of creator entrepreneurship: the independent creator.

“77% of creators worry about being dependent on social media platforms for their earnings.”

Creators know they are building a real asset on social media platforms – an audience that they can monetize. But, they are also starting to realize that they don’t own it. In order to make it, creators must work with brands and gain sponsorships. The majority of revenue comes off-platform.

Web3 will change the relationships between platforms and creators. Web3 allows peer to peer networks to easily share, interact, with data, code and smart contract codes, by open-sourcing and decentralizing the information. The following are the three areas that platforms of the future will be focusing their attention:

1.ownership (& portability) of data
2.participatory decision making & cooperative business models
3.decentralization via crypto & open-source protocols

These platforms will be redesigned in the coming years to address these three areas. BULLZ will be establishing a new monetization route for creator economies with the “promote-to-earn”Model for business. Creators of BULLZ have the ability to recommend crypto projects and earn money with UGC. All this is possible thanks to the WOM Protocol integration. A blockchain martech platform that rewards creators based upon the amount of engagement they receive and the peer-reviewed rating their content must pass in order to earn, the WOM Protocol pays them daily.

BULLZ was created as the premier platform to share blockchain-related social media content. TikToker, TheNiFTyInvestor, explains: “I really see the potential BULLZ provides for us as content creators within the crypto space. We already make content for projects we love, basically “for free” and now we have the opportunity to monetize this.”

With the help of the WOM campaign manager, brands and projects have the ability to use the BULLZ content as a marketing tool. Brands can browse content related to their projects and buy WOM tokens to increase exposure through the BULLZ App. CryptoAdvance, Youtuber, thinks it will drive user-generated material (UGC) forward. “I think more UGC will be incentivized with the “promote-to-earn” model and we will see more crypto projects adopt this for community building. To make awesome content, they already depend on the fandom of their projects! Why not reward this?”

“Community is the most important metric.” – And many blockchain and crypto communities find it hard to make educated decisions regarding which projects and brands to be a part of. BULLZ will empower creators to make honest recommendations. It will also allow for a transparent understanding of community metrics by simply looking at which projects have been discussed.

BULLZ has already announced plans to roll out additional features, such as a leadership board of trending projects discussed on BULLZ and the integration of the WOM Authentication system, for non-creators to monetize by rating (“judging”) content on BULLZ. These features will allow users to earn more on BULLZ.

Information about the WOM Protocol

WOM Protocol, also known as word-of–mouth, is developing a protocol based on blockchain technology that allows content creators, social media networks, brands and publishers to earn money from word-of–mouth recommendations across any website, platform or app. WOM is supported by numerous seasoned investors across the globe. For more info about WOM:


BULLZ, a dedicated app that helps you find authentic crypto and blockchain-related suggestions is available. It allows users to discover trending projects, share them with experts in crypto and get rewarded by sharing videos about these companies or projects. With the “promote to earn” model, users are rewarded with WOM Tokens for their authentic recommendations

You can do this directly from the app. More information on BULLZ can be found at

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