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PRICE RELEASE PARIS, FRANA / NOVEMBER 7th 20,22 Tezro’s decentralized cryptocurrency payment service is expected to revolutionize the shopping experience. The Tezro app, which combines cryptocurrency and ecommerce through its financial chat platform is expected to revolutionize the shopping experience. Tezro allows you to sell and buy cryptocurrencies through one of most trusted platforms. The app’s exchange feature allows users to make purchases by choosing the desired currency and the desired amount. To further protect consumers, the app’s escrow service allows them to verify that payments have been made after the dealer has sent enough bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies’ success stems mostly from blockchain technology’s unparalleled features. Blockchain technology has made it possible to create cryptocurrencies and other non-fungible tokens. Unprecedented monetary innovations are emerging as a result of blockchain technology’s development. Tezro hopes to merge its DeFi solutions with investing capabilities to bring together its portfolio management, risk management and investment capabilities. Tezro also plans to support six additional cryptocurrencies in its non-custodial wallet. Tezro’s single-app interface is a great way to grow quickly.

In this project, they’ve developed a novel auction system and a decentralized funding mechanism that will allow users to directly transact in bitcoin for the purchase and sale of high-end products via our auction platform. Furthermore, customers are given the opportunity to make purchases from Tezro’s partners using the company’s loan service. The loan service is interest free for the first 90 days. This gives customers greater flexibility in making purchases. Customers can choose to pay in traditional or cryptocurrency, and have complete control over their finances.

The app allows fiat currency payments, as well as cryptocurrencies. You can use three fiat currencies: US Dollar, Chinese Yuan (CNY), or Euro (EUR). All forms of currency are accepted (CHNT), including Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin, Bitcoin (BTC), USD Tether(USDT), Euro Tether [EURT], EOS Tokens (EOS), Tether gold (XAUT), Tether Tether (EURT), EOS Tokens (EOS), Tether Tether (EURT), EOS Tokens (EOS), Tether Tether (EURT), and China Tokens (CNT).


Tezro converts social media conversation with other people into a financial service. A revolutionary new payment option has been introduced by the business to its quick financial messaging app for iOS and Android. For convenience and increased security, their instant messaging service offers a cryptocurrency and fiat currency wallet built on the third-generation blockchain. Tezro has emerged as a frontrunner in the market because of the breakthrough technology they’ve developed to make all financial transactions possible in one secure, frictionless, and entirely digital setting.

Check out Tezro’s official website along with the TwitterYou can find more information on YouTube, Facebook, or Facebook.

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