The Novatar Provides Distinct and Rare Virtual and Meta Identity

Metaverse allows people to share and exchange experiences in virtual environments. This technology could change how people shop, work and communicate. Firms want to take up positions early in this sector and NFTs provide a simple and effective way to do that.

Among Adidas’ recent ventures include joint projects with NFT creators Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pixel Vaults Punks Comic – an agreement with cryptocurrency investor Gmoney and the acquisition of digital land in the Sandbox, a blockchain-based virtual environment.

Twitter and Facebook announced already that NFT avatars will be integrated in their services. The Metaverse already has mainstream attention as more businesses embrace the NFT trend and offer new customer experiences.

To explore this exciting new virtual world, each person will require a representation of their self.

Novatar is a brand new initiative that was just established. The implementation of many innovative ideas looks like it could take the sector by storm. Novatar’s approach and concept are what sets it apart from the others. Novatar’s main feature is its implementation of the world’s first-ever NFT for aging. As an infant grows up to become an adult, it will feel natural.

It will also acquire unique physical shifts as it changes. The blockchains dynamic allows users to either make their Novatar adult or maintain it as a baby.

These Novatars will be used by users to interact with them as their Meta persona. They will not only be able to describe the user in a virtual way, but they also have an occupation and excellent designs. This will allow them to be easily identified by future metaverses.

As in the real world each Novatar, like all digital assets, is unique and one-of-a kind. It’s also graphically created by AI.  Only 25K Novatars are currently available. Each Novatar can become an adult with its own unique face, futuristic outfits, and aesthetics.

Novatars have a variety of genetic traits, and each has its own unique characteristics. Baby avatars have 9 basic/mandatory genes. There are also 14 genes found in adult Novatars. These include 10 sets that make up the basic gene pool, and four optional.  The gene that is responsible for this profession, Novatars who have it will be considered very rare.

Novatars will be used for digital access to events that are only open to Novatar NFT holders.

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