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Faith Connexion, a pioneer in street fashion, has produced thousands of garments that can be seen on A-List stars over the years. With a style described as chic rock, edgy glamour or street couture, the brand’s clothing is sought by celebrities and trendsetters alike. Faith Connexion is a brand that stands out above the rest. It offers a versatile yet useful wardrobe to people who want to show their individuality.

Faith Connexion, a brand that is as creative and innovative as it was, launched its NFT in a matter of days under the title Faith Tribe. Famous brands, such as Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton, have been jumping on the NFT bandwagon over the past 12 months. Why all the excitement and what exactly is NFT? The NFTs can be described as non-fungible tokens for digital content that is linked to the Blockchain. A cryptocurrency wallet is required to obtain one. You can use it to buy NFTs through an NFT marketplace. NFTs, which are non-fungible and cannot be traded, are unique assets that aren’t interchangeable with other fungible assets, such as Bitcoin. One copy of a digital work can be issued by an individual brand. Or, the company may release multiple copies.

Faith Tribe’s own NFT token and initiative was launched at the Art Basel Fair Miami Beach. The NFT launch will be unique, as it is unlike any other brand. Faith Tribe will be launching ten NFT collectibles that will be paired with the brand’s most iconic garments. The garments will be displayed and then sold in Faith Tribe’s showroom during the Art Basel Fair, with the garments embedded with NFT tags that prove ownership upon scanning.

Faith Tribes’ NFTs at Art Basel were complemented with designer sketches and related media. NFT owners may be invited to live and virtual events. So buyers of Faith Tribe’s NFTs at the Art Basel Fair will not only be purchasing an iconic garment from the brand but will also be purchasing the garment’s story, with the sketches revealing how the garment came to life. They’ll be purchasing a part of Faith Connexion’s history, as the NFTs will be the first of likely many that the brand will introduce. They will also be buying access to the brand’s future, through exclusive invitations to brand events. You should join us in this. Buying one of Faith Tribe’s NFTs doesn’t just mean ownership of a piece of digital work. It means an exclusive, multifaceted and memorable experience, and that’s what the brand’s about. Uniqueness, individuality and excitement are the hallmarks of this brand.

Faith Tribe’s initiative at Art Basel will be the prelude to the launch of its own token, and its own online marketplace and open-source creative platform, “Faith Tribe”. Faith Tribe allows users to pick a template clothing design from the more than 10,000 Faith Connexion garments it has in its archives. You can upload your own designs. Faith Tribe’s exclusive token will be used to mint the NFT, with designers and users being able to sell and buy designs on the Faith Tribe marketplace. Their token can be used to buy and sell designs. Behind the idea of Faith Tribe, is Faith Connexion’s innate desire to democratize fashion and enable everyone to showcase and profit from their talent, true to its modus operandi of thinking outside of the box.

The Art Basel Fair in Miami will take place in early December for those — rightfully — seeking to get their hands on Faith Tribe’s NFTs.

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