The Most Prominent NFT Platforms and Their Tokens

NFT technology is growing in popularity and has conquered new markets. Therefore, new platforms are offering services to create, buy, and sell NFT tokens. Already, the NFT market is worth millions. The NFT industry is a magnet for musicians, artists, and others who wish to both make money and preserve their works. This is why next year we’ll be deciding which platforms and tokens to invest on.

What does NFT mean?

NFT token is non-fungible, and it’s often called a unique token. NFTs are based on blockchain technology and were first introduced on Ethereum in 2017. NFT is an NFT. The blockchain is a collection of records. These tokens can, just like all cryptocurrency, be saved to your cryptocurrency wallet. They may then be used for transacting, buying, or selling. NFTs are unique because they can’t be split or replaced with any other token. A particular NFT can only be owned by one individual. Now let’s take a look at the most prominent NFT platforms which will suit you as a newbie.

NFT Bunny

NFT Bunny can be used by anyone, regardless of whether you’re a collector or creator. It is important to note that NFT Bunny mimics social networks. Each user can create a profile on the platform and communicate with others as they would in social media. NFT Bunny helps users expand their network and encourages new links. This platform allows you to find other like-minded people and create fruitful collaborations if you’re new in this field.

NFT Bunny offers low fees and commissions for its users. The NFT creator will get 96% of the total transaction value of the NFT sale, excluding gas expenses, which will be at the creator’s liability during the coining phase and at the NFT buyer’s expense during the sale phase. NFT Bunny is able to lower fees by using a number of networks, such as Ethereum and Polygon.


NFT Bunny Token BUN, also known as NFT Bunny Token is a token that was built using the Ethereum blockchain. It will become instantly convertible on the platform as soon as it is launched.

If you have BUN tokens, there are a number of benefits.

  • Without any fees, you will be eligible to receive donations from fans and support them in BUN. Both artists and users are encouraged by this system.
  • The BUN token can also be used to purchase all NFT Bunny services.
  • Also, your NFT will be used as collateral for a loan and the BUN token will be accepted. You’ll also have special conditions.
  • To buy or sell NFT, use the token BUN.
  • Every user has the ability to create their own NFT with just a few clicks thanks to the BUN token.
  • Holders of BUN tokens will drive the development and evolution of the platform. You will be able choose from the many great ideas which will be integrated on the website.
  • Holders of tokens also have access to the liquidity pool, which allows them to access more bonuses, amazing gifts, low fees and exclusive features.

Token Sale

Flash Round took place on 5th December and sold all coins for a fair price in 3 hours. Limited tokens were available at discounts to investors. A stunning success was also recorded by the 24th Seed Round held on December 6th. This round, along with the first private sale, closed Sunday December 12th.

Participants will receive a 64% discount during the second private sale, which will be ongoing until December 17. Silver Bunny NFT offers a 10% discount for all platforms and a 1.1x multiplier for all stake rewards.

Last private sale 3, December 17-22, will offer a chance to buy a token at a discounted 52%. Benefits: Bronze Bunny NFT – Get a 5% discount for all platform services, and an additional 1.1x multiplier for all stake reward rewards.

Participate in this sale. For the sale to be formalized, all you need is to complete the subscription form. Find out more about NFT Bunny.

Soon after the pre-sale ends, everyone will be able purchase this token.

Binance NFT

Binance NFT, a platform that allows you to sell and buy collectibles as well as other artifacts on the Binance exchange is called Binance NFT. This platform uses the Binance Smart Chain, which is popular due to its high liquidity and large community.

Binance Coin (BNB).

It acts as an electronic fuel for the Binance community. You can easily exchange the coin and lower your fees. It was easy to launch an internal token when you consider the Binance ecosystem.


BakerySwap provides a platform for digital trading and financial decentralization. This market maker is built on the Binance Smart Chain. BakerySwap allows you to easily create artworks and then sell them. BAKE tokens are used to make all transactions.


BAKE token (BEP-20 Standard) is a native BakerySwap management token. BAKE tokens can be redeemed by liquidity providers. BAKE tokens are also available to be rewarded with a share of transaction fees or a voting right.


SuperRare is a unique and exclusive option if you’re looking for something really special. The interface is minimalistic, and it’s very easy to use. SuperRare allows users to communicate, create, and collect NFT art.

SuperRare will require that your NFTs be approved and submitted before you can publish your art.

NFT creators will get 85% of each sale of artwork they sell. Each transaction will result in a 3% fee for the buyer. NFT creators will receive 10% from any secondary sale of work through the platform.


To scale up and take advantage of the true power of web3, SuperRare is embarking on a path of gradual decentralization – eventually shifting ownership and managing the network to the community.

SuperRare Labs will offer gift certificates to active members as the network grows. RARE provides community management services for fees, grants, and ecosystem.


It’s a Russian-based site that has gained popularity all over the globe. Artists can sell and create their work using a native RARI token. Authors can also receive rewards if their works are resold. The marketplace currently has the largest trading volumes of any NFT market.

Register on the platform for free. You need to pay an Ethereum network fee – $ 30-100 for each artwork published there.


RARI, a native token from Rarible. This token can be earned by users for many actions, including buying/selling art works or collecting.

RARI token holders have the ability to choose the content available on Rarible as well as decide about system updates.

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