The Home of a New Breed of Evolving Digital Collectibles

NFT gaming is gaining popularity despite being still in its early stages. This market is a frontier that allows crypto enthusiasts to enjoy an engaging gaming environment and receive rewards for simply participating in the metaverse.

NFT-based NFT games with play-to earn elements are one of the most rapidly-growing segments in the emerging crypto space. These games promise to replace the pay-to play structures used by incumbents such as Microsoft, Atari and Nintendo.

This is a traditional business that relies on players buying in-game items to grow revenues. Players receive little or no return.

The cryptocurrency gaming industry provides financial incentives to users through gaming, which is different from traditional gaming models. This has made the cryptocurrency and blockchain sub-sector a booming industry.

Rare in-game tokens can be created and traded by participants. They can then leverage this to acquire crypto-assets on other exchanges, as well as fiat currency.

NFT gamers around the world can acquire rare tokens that have tremendous upside potential. They can then trade these tokens in decentralized markets for in-game perks like avatars or accessories. Participants also play a significant role in shaping the architecture of the metaverse while receiving a share of the game’s revenue.

Evolution of NFT Gaming

NFT gaming has seen a surge in popularity over the past months, with its promise to allow users to make money as they gamble. Multiple GameFi platforms emerged over the last 12 months to capitalize on this hype.

The Ethereum-based NFT-game Axie Infinity, which is based on Ethereum, has been one of the most successful play-to earn games. It attracts millions of users and experiences unprecedented daily volume growth.

NFT-collectible games on the market are often lacking in innovation. This could be due to industry members trying to make quick money. These games are lacking innovative features, engaging gameplay and an improved user experience.

SimBiotes, a new gamified ecosystem for NFT collecting has entered the fray. This project features a play-to earn model that lets users interact with the evolving NFTs. You can even enhance your gameplay with your own collectibles, and stake NFTs for lucrative returns.

Third-Party Mutated or Evolving NFTs

SimBiotes, a unique gaming metaverse that uses NFT mechanics inspired by evolutionary science, is one of a kind. Collectors, also known as ‘Scientists’, can interact with living NFTs and stimulate mutations to increase the rarity and value of their digital artwork.

In the game ecosystem, NFTs can evolve from 2D collectibles and become living, breathing, 3D organisms. Players will be able to enjoy digital collectibles in a new way.

SimBiotes’ in-game world will continue to evolve, creating a dynamic and exciting virtual environment. This new game allows crypto lovers to give life to static NFTs that are not in their wallets. It also gives them the opportunity to collect new items with unexpected attributes, which can increase their total value.

The project’s team has partnered with top gaming developers and leading NFT creators to shape the evolution of the brand new metaverse.

The entire ecosystem will be borne out of Embryonic Simbiotes. These rare and unique collectibles are on Ethereum Blockchain. They evolve with every generation, adopting new traits as they go.

Scientists can fuel the evolution of their Embryonic Simbiotes by synthesizing new mutations in ‘The Lab’, SimBiotes initial main activity hub and in-game dashboard. These living NFTs evolve into new NFT strains dubbed ‘Simbiotes’ and then eventually into species. The spawning and growth of digital secondary organisms, called Cells, can be achieved when Simbiotes produce eggs.

Furthermore, players can experiment with their ever-evolving organisms to create a new breed of NFTs via Simbiotic Evolution in a special chamber called the ‘Petri Dish’. Scientists may create mutant NFTs from Simbiotes by making them interact with CryptoPunks or other digital collectibles. This allows scientists to trade crypto for other in-game assets.

To increase Egg-spawning chances and receive additional rewards, such as tokens or Cells, transmuted collectibles from third parties can be added back to the Petri Dish. Simbiotes Drop, which will take place in November and December, will see 10,000 Simbiotes being issued to early-bird investors.

SimBiotes: New players have the opportunity to earn

If you miss out on Simbiotes Drop, crypto investors can get involved and move up in the game. A pioneering, evolution-based metaverse allows non-Simbiote-holding players to join the game and earn rewards.

The gamified environment allows newcomers to interact with NFTs living in the real world and create unique digital art while earning play money.

Players looking to join the game after the initial NFT sale can purchase Simbiotes from the game’s marketplace. These mysterious lab creations can be of great utility to the gaming community.

Non-Simbiote holding users can curate a collection of Cells and deploy them in rewarding battles dubbed ‘Cell Trials’. This project is developing new game mechanics to allow Cells to have a variety of defensive and offensive traits in order to fight for biodigital energy.

Players who emerge triumphant from these contests can use their power-ups to enhance their in-game assets’ rarity, abilities, and longevity. Biodigital energy can also be sold in ‘The Field’ (the in-game marketplace) or be used by scientists to speed up Simbiote evolution.

Digital art can be used to generate new NFTs in the metaverse. The users can sell the newly-mutated collectibles they have created to other players on the gaming platform or collectors on OpeaSea – a top NFTs marketplace.

Register for the SimBiotes Game-Changing Ecosystem

SimBiotes is a revolutionary platform that allows collectors around the world to connect with digital collectibles and make money from them.

The platform’s play-to-earn elements allow crypto fans to release their collection of static NFTs to evolve and fetch value in a decentralized marketplace (of course while keeping the original).

Simbiotes Drop investors can explore their Embryonic Simbiotes with new NFTs and make investments.

Players will be able to create new mutations using their SimBiotes digital collections as the SimBiotes community expands. A chance for them to be airdropped NFTs biodigital from the top digital artists in cryptocurrency is also available.

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