The Girles Token Presale Raised Over $1 Million

Girles token is an NFT GameFi token that has been decentralized and created using the Ethereum platform. It also includes a Proof of Staking protocol. Girles Token (or Girles Metaverse) is the principal product. It has more than 15 applications. Girles Token has been tested prior to being published on Ethereum’s main blockchain and after Cyberscope audited it. Girles token takes security very seriously. It has all the modern security features like Non-Mintable and Anti-Whale functions, Blacklist Functions, Fees Limits, Without Transfer Of Ownership Functions, Auto Liquidity, Self-Burning, and Non-Stoppable.

NFT Metaverse

NFT, a cryptographic token that is not fungible and each of its instances is unique, is non-fungible. Many users are skeptical about NFTs, calling them “just pictures”. NFTs can now be considered separate products by the Girles Metaverse Community. Girles Metaverse lets users mint NFTs, keep track of their collection, and trade NFTs on NFT Market. Staking NFTs gives users the opportunity to receive Girles Tokens that can be later exchanged for fiat. You can send NFTs for stake, and you can withdraw tokens if needed. NFT Metaverse doesn’t end there. NFT Burning Products are available to users. These products allow investors to burn NFTs via Ethereum, increasing their value and receiving special rewards.

Girles Metaverse currently develops NFT tokenomics. This will offer users greater opportunities to make NFT coins.

What can you expect from Girles Token

The Girles Token developers shared their expectations for Girles Token in the near future. At the moment, several exchanges are being investigated for listing the token. These include Binance and OKex as well LBank. You should not be too concerned about the listing. At the moment, the Girles Metaverse is developing a P2E Minecraft Server, and investors can complete quests to earn real money. Experts believe that this innovative innovation will positively impact the community’s development and bring in a lot of investors. Minecraft is a top-selling game worldwide, so the introduction cryptocurrency will be a huge boost for the crypto community. Also, very soon the Girles Metaverse Community will begin developing new products to the NFT Metaverse.

Information about tokenomics

It was the Girles Metaverse group that developed their products. Therefore, it took over a day to create tokenomics. It is essential to cover all scenarios when creating a token. Tokenomics is fundamental. Girles Metaverse used great strength and determination to make a product that is strong. The presale will use 30.1% of total tokens, while liquidity will be 21.07%. This includes liquidity that is allocated to central exchanges like Binance. The token and NFT Staking Pools will use 19.2% and 10.3%. The infrastructure for games based on the principle of pay-to-earn will be created using 6.33% tokens. Rest 13% of tokens will go to the Vesting contract. 5% will be used by future pools, and 8% will be given out to developers.

Girles Token Roadmap

The Girles Metaverse has planned five phases of development. Additional stages will be added in the future. In the future, the developers will update the website, create a P2E or free-to play server, launch several products, list tokens on many exchanges and collaborate with other Metaverse projects. NFT Minting, which will soon be made available to investors, is being developed by Tokenomics.

Team Girles Metaverse

While the Girles Metaverse team includes 4 professionals, there were 8 other people involved in developing the site. KYC is a process that ensures legality for the Girles Metaverse project. Investors can view the pages of all the main team members on LinkedIn. Every member of the team has a role. The founder is the one responsible for communicating with the community, and introducing new developments to the project. In turn, the project developer develops a website as well as contracts which are audited and pretested.

What profit could Presale Girles Token make?

New investors are already enjoying the Girles Token pre-sale, which was launched at the end September. There will be five stages to the Girles Token pre-sale. At each stage, the price for the token will rise. Girles Token, which has great potential, is one of the strong options for a presale. Investors can earn up to 207.05% by investing early in the presale. The token will continue to be developed into over fifteen products, so it has great potential for long-term success. Experts believe that even after the token’s listing on an exchange, its price will increase because it is not a regular meme coin.

What is the best way to purchase Girles Token

Girles Token presale is an excellent opportunity to invest. Experts were surprised by the potential return up to 207.05%. To buy Girles Tokens, just go to the official website and connect your crypto wallet using the “Connect Wallet” button. After successfully connecting the wallet, use the “Buy GIRLES Now” button on the presale page and select the desired token, ETH or USDT. Check your balance to ensure you have sufficient tokens before making a transaction. Done!

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