The Forerunners in the NFT Real Estate & Metaverse Sector

In the past few years, the NFT utility has seen a tremendous amount of development. This allows for widespread adoption in different industries. The human imagination is currently the biggest obstacle to the NFT market’s growth. This is evident as it has been in the past.

NFTs are now able to purchase everything and own it as NFTs. This is a result of their integration with Real Estate, a growing industry. Futurent is the leader in the NFT metaverse and real estate sector, with its innovative approach and unmatched rewards.

Futurent – Paving the way for NFT Real Estate

Futurent, a new-level trading and investment platform built on blockchain networks that introduced fractional NFT ownership to real estate investors. The project caters to the real estate and luxury cars & boat industry with a metaverse approach. Futurent’s DeFi protocol allows fractional ownership to luxury items, allowing investors to diversify without becoming the only recipient of losses.

Futurent offers luxury fractional NFT ownership. Futurent also has an exclusive NFT lottery where winners can win exquisite prizes such as a trip for all expenses to Dubai and Lamborghini. Futurent’s customer-centric approach has made it a leading player in the NFT space.

  • Pioneers of the NFT Real asset ownership field
  • Pioneers in NFT Real assets & Metaverse properties ownership field
  • DeFi protocols to enable safe & secure trading of luxury goods
  • NFT Lottery ticket system that offers major prizes such as Lamborghini and Luxury Trips
  • NFT Owners with rental income shares can instantly earn passive income
  • Large partnerships will enable users to reap the rewards of Crypto-based loans and asset insurance

Futurent is powered by the payment token $FUTR that enables access to the project’s services for the token holders. Token $FUTR, which is based on Polygon, will be launched initially across multiple blockchain networks. This token offers cross-chain compatibility for users and easy-to-use.

An expert team with more than 30 combined years of experience in blockchain and real-estate industry ensures that the project’s ingenuity is not lost. Futurent can offer several services through this group, including Safe & Secure Investing, Passive Income via Rentals, Strong DeFi privacy, Securities Assets Backed by Liquidity

NFTs’ utility is no longer limited to their original use of giving artists an open and safe place where they can share their art in a distributed manner. NFTs now take a more holistic approach, and projects such as Futurent are helping them expand their reach.


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