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Dubai, Tuesday, August 30th – The Legends of Bezogia Beta has been officially released by Zogi Labs Ltd. for global players who are looking to play an NFT cryptocurrency-based MMORPG. The Legends of Bezogia takes the crypto gaming industry to new heights with next-level graphics, a rich and deep backstory, countless quirky characters & villains and a massive open world. Players can rent, own & sell their own NFT Bezogi characters and kit them out with NFT weapons that add unique flavor to the gameplay never seen before in an NFT crypto-based massive open-world game.

“Following on from a year of hard work, devotion and creative passion we’re extremely excited to finally launch The Legends of Bezogia Beta after an overwhelmingly positive response & signup count. This game, with the goal of revolutionizing the NFT cryptogaming industry, will provide a new and exciting experience for crypto gamers all over the globe. Gone are the days of crypto games looking like a Gameboy classic from the 1990s, The Legends of Bezogia is a massive open world with a thrilling storyline, action-packed combat and sophisticated game mechanics we’ve worked tirelessly to produce. With the release of the Beta, we’ve invited players to get stuck into a whole new world of crypto gaming with play-to-earn & play for fun mechanics that will reshape the NFT gaming landscape as we know it.” Steve Murray, CEO of Zogi Labs Ltd.

Claim Your Attendance Token

1000 people will be invited to register, play the game, and receive an attendance token on the day of beta launch. This token is unique and will not be available again. It gives players the opportunity to have a small piece of The Legends of Bezogia Beta.

The Biggest NFT Crypto MMORPG in 2022 The Legends of Bezogia Launches Globally

Here’s What You Can Expect

Legends of Bezogia Beta has a lot of things gamers can do. Sign up today and get ready to dive into the most open-world metaverse in existence. These are the things gamers can expect in-game.

  • A massive open world – Being MMORPG by design, the game has large & lush landscapes for gamers to explore. Bezogia is a wild place, don’t go in underprepared!
  • Millions of unique weapons – The Legends of Bezogia’s rarity system unlocks the ability to experience millions of different weapons of various rarity & aesthetics. Gamers have the opportunity to test them on Bezogia’s enemies.
  • Strong enemies – Bezogia is filled with frightening and challenging enemies waiting to be crushed under the boots of battle-hardened Bezogi. Go alone, or join a team and crack some skulls.
  • Introductory Quests – Quests, designed to give players a light-hearted introduction into the world of Bezogia are present in the Beta. You can immediately get into the game.
  • Exciting combat – With weapons crafted from the introduction quests, players can get stuck into combat right away in the Beta. Make a sword, and take it to the Trollface that lurks around the starter camp.
  • Metaverse full of memes – Bezogia is filled with hilarious crypto-based memes such as Whalon Musk and the Green Candle. The Legends of Bezogia is the first game in crypto for people who don’t have crypto knowledge. It aims to provide a fun introduction to cryptocurrency using memes and give non-crypto gamers a lighter-hearted experience.

All bugs and issues discovered in Beta should be addressed by players. Hotfixes can be made to enhance the user experience, and in-game systems are being refined. The Beta release is currently in progress.

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Zobi Labs Ltd.

Founded in 2021, Zogi Labs Ltd, previously known as Bezoge Earth, under the game title of The Legends of Bezogia is an emerging Crypto-based MMOPRG Play & Earn Blockchain Game, available in Beta on PC, with support for Android-based devices coming soon and full global release planned in Q1 2023.



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