The 11 Absolute Best Crypto Trackers in 2021

You are wondering which crypto portfolio tracker is best in crypto market? Our ultimate guide to the top cryptocurrency portfolio trackers for 2021 is available here.

Blockchain and the crypto industry have been integral to global economies. Portfolio trackers, which are essential tools for professional and casual crypto investors due to the volatility of cryptocurrency markets and their fluctuating prices make them an indispensable tool. These trackers allow you to easily keep track of your entire crypto portfolio in just a few clicks. These best-selling crypto portfolio trackers are compatible with both your cryptocurrency wallet and exchange accounts. You can keep your investments portfolio in order and all financial assets together.

So how can you pick the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker to suit your needs?

We will be looking at the most popular crypto portfolio trackers on the market, then helping you to choose one that suits your requirements best, depending upon your investment style and risk tolerance.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

cryptocurrency portfolioSoftware that helps you manage your online currency investments. It helps you track each coin’s performance and provides you with analytical tools. A lot of portfolio management platforms offer real-time pricing and live feeds from cryptocurrency exchanges. They can also alert you to important market events.

An app for managing your crypto portfolio connects you to different crypto wallets and services. It gives you an overview of all the information and allows you to see what is happening. Holdings in crypto Your total portfolio balance. You can easily monitor your entire portfolio and the crypto market value, making informed decisions about when or how to take profit or rebalance.

Use Cryptocurrency Portfolio Monitor to Benefit

  • You can instantly scan and keep track of all the crypto markets
  • Real-time reporting on your profit or loss
  • Real-time cryptocurrency balances are available by connecting to exchange wallets and accounts.
  • It allows you to quickly and easily manage multiple crypto investment portfolios all in one place. This will save you time, effort, and money.
  • Instant price alerts about crypto market movements
  • Tracks your investments, price and charts
  • There are many more

How to Select the Best Crypto Portfolio Monitor

It is paramount to consider your personal preferences,  including your investment styles, goals, trading strategies, and coin watchlist, while choosing the best portfolio tracker for you.

Below are key characteristics to be aware of:

Supported Exchanges

All major crypto exchanges must be supported by your crypto portfolio tracker. This allows you to automatically sync trades across multiple exchanges.

Supported Digital Currencies

You should have the ability to use your crypto portfolio tracker in order for it to be compatible with digital currencies.


You can choose to have your crypto tracker free of charge or as a premium subscriber. For better service, it is a good idea to review the plans and read what crypto investors think about them.


A portfolio monitor must provide a user-friendly interface and a portfolio dashboard. This will allow you to see all the digital assets in your portfolio across various exchanges. This dashboard automatically displays the trade movement and shows accurate data for all your digital assets.


It’s essential to choose a crypto tracker with multiple layers of encryption, 2-factor authorizations,You can also use these safety features to protect your private data and assets. Consider cryptocurrency trackers, which allow you to only see your balance but not the funds.


Look for cryptocurrency trackers with more than just crypto tracking. Swapping is an important function to search for. It is extremely convenient and secure.

Top 2021 Crypto Portfolio Trackers

Crypto has undergone rapid changes in the last few years. You need to keep your trackers up-to-date so you can meet the ever changing requirements of the crypto community.

Scroll down to see a list the best crypto portfolio trackers for 2021.



CoinStats has a. PopularAn app to help you manage your crypto investments. You can easily manage your whole cryptocurrency portfolio with this app.

CoinStats lets you view all of your crypto assets, track gains and losses and help you make smarter decisions about your investments.

After linking your CoinStats to Coinbase’s exchange account, you can immediately start purchasing crypto coins. You can now trade crypto from all connected crypto exchanges from your  CoinStats account. This feature allows CoinStats to eliminate redundant logins and lowers withdrawal risk.

CoinStats allows you to instantly buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency and send it to an exchange. 

CoinStats may be used to create extensions and widgets for your mobile device, such as an app on the Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch.

The Key Features of CoinStats

These are some of the most important features in CoinStats.

  • You can link your wallets to cryptocurrency exchanges such as MetaMask or Coinbase Pro. Binance and other.
  • Following and tracking live crypto price updates up to 7000 currencies
  • Provides extensive charts and analytic data
  • Crypto coins: Advanced filtration research

You can trade, share and compare your cryptocurrency portfolio with friends. Also, you can catch up on the latest crypto news and trends by reading daily crypto news.


CoinStats pricing photo

With CoinStats, you don’t have to worry about paying for services or features you don’t need. The price is determined by the number of exchanges or wallets that are connected to it.

Starting at just $3.49 per Month, you can connect to up to 10 exchanges and wallets. You can also manage as many as 1000 transactions. 

CoinStats offers a trial period to allow you to try out all features before you commit to any plan.



CoinMarketCap, the best-known website to track crypto asset prices and their movements is widely used. Its goal is to ensure crypto assets are easily tracked and discoverable from all exchanges. CoinMarketCap, which was created by Brandon Chez and is easy to use, lists the 100 most valuable cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization. You can find information such as the market cap and price, current trading volume over 24-hours, circulating supply, percentage change in value during the past 24 hours, and seven-day price graphs for every digital currency. CoinMarketCap includes historical performance charts and trading pairs as well as 24-hour volume.

Investors have access to the prices of different exchanges. This allows them to compare and determine which one is the most advantageous for their needs. CoinMarketCap lists less-known digital currencies.
CoinMarketCap is a global cryptocurrency exchange with a market capital of more than $2 trillion. It supports over 400 exchanges as well as 12,000 cryptocurrencies.

CoinMarketCap’s Key Features

These are some of the most important features in CoinMarketCap

  • Tracking your existing portfolios by creating multiple portfolios
  • Provides real-time prices data from the major exchanges
  • You can track your balances on several crypto exchanges.
  • Many coins and tokens supported
  • Secure is very serious about data security and privacy.
  • On mobile devices, iOS and Android


Free access to the CoinMarketCap. You can also download the mobile version for free.

Manage Coin Market


Coin Market Manager is a straightforward and powerful crypto portfolio management program. This software allows you to track and manage your entire cryptocurrency portfolio from one central location.  

Coin Market manager is more than a coin tracker. This tool also allows you to track the breakeven for each cryptocurrency.  It has powerful and efficient trade analytics as well as journaling tools. It shows you what your crypto currency must trade at in order to profit. This tool allows you to monitor and track your profits or losses in real time against your fiat investments. 

Coin Market Manager is a great tool for an affordable price. The interface is simple and easy to use, so it’s easy to start without any learning curve.

The Key Features of the Coin Market Manager

These are some of the most important features in Coin Market Manager.

  • Auto-syncing your trades. This software automatically imports your crypto investments from all major exchanges.
  • This Math Lab Tool monitors all of your withdrawals, balances, and deposits
  • Trade analysis in depth. This report shows the average loss and win rate, as well as how long it takes to trade.
  • Crypto reporting in real-time. You can track the market value of your portfolio in Bitcoin and fiat immediately.

The Coin Market Manager free plan fits best if you’re going to use it for tracking your portfolio alone. All your accounts can be tracked. Exchanges that are connectedYou can only manage one account per exchange and receive updates on coin prices.


You can get lifetime access to the paid plan starting at $49.99.



Altrad can integrate into many crypto exchanges such as Binance US and Binance Bitmex. 

Altrady is a crypto portfolio management software. It includes both a trading strategy and cryptocurrencies. The Altrady platform allows for efficient trading and a stunning dashboard which lets you see all of your assets on various exchanges in one place.

Altrady displays your cryptocurrency trade movements and calculates the exact value of all your assets on various exchanges. You can see the change in your chosen timeframe and all information about it.

You can view your entire portfolio in detail with the Altrady cryptocurrency portfolio management tracker. It is organized according to your preferences. asset distributionPer currency and exchange

Altrady: Key Features

These are some of the most important features about Altrady.

  • Try it for 14 days free
  • A systematic way to present data
  • You can view your portfolio in a line, pie, or stack chart
  • Technology that is fast and powerful
  • Comparison and exchange between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies
  • A algorithm provides real-time information
  • It is fully customizable, so you can set it up or configure your alerts
  • You can learn from crypto experts and grow your portfolio.


Altrady provides a free 14-day trial. After that, you will need to select the plan that meets your requirements. You can choose from a basic, essential, or premium plan. 

Altrady has also the option to only pay for signals. The cost is slightly more than $15



CoinTracking is a free crypto portfolio tracker founded in 2013 as the world’s first crypto portfolio tracker with a tax calculator. It’s the leader amongst the crypto portfolio tracking apps and Tax reporting

With just one glance, CoinTracking allows you to see what you have on each of the connected cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also check how well your crypto assets do in real-time. This software allows you to keep track of lost coins, incomes and many other things. You can also track Airdrop incomes and mining incomes. Gifts and donations can be tracked.

CoinTracking features analyze crypto automatically, so you don’t have to do any manual calculations. The unique tax reporting feature of CoinTracking helps you solve tax problems. You will be able to generate reports that show your balances and gains as well your task declarations.

CoinTracking: Key Features

Below are the main features of CoinTracking

  • Interactive charts and historical data for all your investments
  • An analysis of your personal portfolio that will show you the cash and bitcoin value.
  • You can sync your crypto portfolio to over 110 exchanges and wallets. This allows trade imports to be made directly from most popular exchanges, wallets, and wallets, such as Binance, Coinbase, Ledger, Coinbase, Binance.
  • It calculates crypto taxes accurately. This software supports tax reporting in over 100 countries, and it uses 12 tax methods.


CoinTracking’s basic features are available for free. This plan allows you to keep track of up to 200 trades. To manage additional transactions, you can upgrade to a paid plan starting at $10.99



ZenLedger, a top-rated crypto portfolio tracker, was created by industry experts in finance, technology and accounting. This software allows you to import and compute crypto transactions as well income and gains. ZenLedger allows crypto investors and traders to remain anonymous. Conforme You can integrate multiple transactions together into one single dashboard. It is possible to integrate transactions across thousands of exchanges and wallets.

ZenLedger is a tracker that supplies crypto taxes.

You can choose between paid or free options for this crypto portfolio tracker app. ZenLedger’s free trackers let you analyze the performance of your portfolio. This allows you to see the price charts and exchange allocation information for your crypto coins. You can monitor your coins’ price charts and trends in real-time.

ZenLedger’s Key Features

The following are key features of ZenLedger

  • Auditing reports. Auditing reports.
  • Over 400+ cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges supported
  • Compatible with DeFi Applications However, it is not compatible with DeFi applications.
  • Calculation of taxes. Unfortunately, tax calculation is only possible in the United States.


ZenLedger provides a free plan with up to 25 transactions. You cannot use this plan to access your DeFi, margin trade, or stake.

These plans cost between $49 and $399.



CoinTracker works exactly like CoinTracking. This allows you to maintain an Tracking data is accurateAll your taxes, your portfolio value and performance, as well as your investment returns, are all in one location.

CoinTracker connects to your account and starts monitoring all transactions, including withdrawals, trades, and deposits. You can also view your wallet balances, trading details,  and the value of investments and changes within your account.

CoinTracker allows you to calculate your capital gains or losses, and provides reporting and tracking with just one click. It is easy to use and intuitive.

CoinTracker: Key Features

Below are some key features for CoinTracker

  • The UK, Canada, the USA and Australia fully support it. In all other countries, it is only partially supported
  • It is simple to use, intuitive, modern and easy-to-understand
  • Synchronizing your cryptocurrency investments and trades. This covers more than 300 cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges
  • Over 2500 supported cryptocurrencies
  • Handy mobile apps, both for iOS and Android.
  • CSV and PDF Tax Forms Download Support
  • The average cost of their accounting methods is LIFO, FIFO and LIFO permanent.


CoinTracker allows you to keep track of up to 25 transactions, and receive tax reports for no cost.

You will pay $59 per month to access more features, such as email support, margin trading and Defi. You can make over 100 transactions with this plan, which is available in premium or final plans.



Kubera, a modern portfolio tracker that also acts as a wealth management platform and wealth manager for your life, is all you need. You can see how valuable your cryptocurrency portfolio is. Kubera allows you to monitor your net worth, investment returns and other information for any of the major investment classes. It allows you to monitor crypto coins and stocks as well as precious metals, stocks and commodities, as well assets like houses and URL values.

Kubera portfolio management software assesses each of these in order to monitor and track assets.

Kubera’s Key Features

These are some of the most important features about Kubera.

  • Multiple portfolio creations. As many portfolios of crypto- or financial assets as you like
  • Global financial integration. This makes it simple to move crypto-assets from any fiat currency to another.
  • Crypto assets can be secured and protected
  • Conversion between cryptocurrency and cash automatically


Kubera offers a free plan, which gives limited access to some of the features. Advanced features can be accessed for $15 per month, or $150 annually.



Delta Crypto Tracker is a beautiful, functional and beautifully designed crypto tracker. It was purchased by eToro on November 2019. Delta and eToro teamed up to build a next-generation Delta App that included not just crypto tracking, but also stocks and financial assets.

Delta for iOS and Android allows you track portfolio profit, value and losses and provides information about current currency positions. You can monitor percentage changes and receive notifications to your phone when there is a major crypto move.

Delta was designed for cryptocurrency traders who enjoy investing in multiple digital assets. You can monitor all of your investments and cryptocurrencies, including stocks, ETFs, Apple futures, Forex, or Google stock. 

Delta: Key features

These are some of the most important features about Delta:

  • Up to 300+ exchanges supported, including Gemini, Binance and Coinbase Pro.
  • This app allows you to track all of your crypto assets (over 7000)
  • Offers trading analysis, and support for multiple portfolios


Download the Delta portfolio tracker for cryptocurrency. FreeAll rights reserved. Up to 2 wallets can be linked free of charge. 

You can manage unlimited trades with the pro edition, which is $59.99 You also get advanced analytics and metrics.



Zerion provides an integrated decentralized finance interface. You can track your DeFi investments and manage them.

Zerion was designed to be simple, easy-to-use, and clear. Zerion has a simple interface that supports over 50 DeFi protocols and top DeFi apps. Zerion has a minimally invasive approach, meaning it can only read your balance, but can’t access your funds.
At a glance, you can view the total value of your portfolio using the dashboard.

Zerion: Key Features

Below are key characteristics of Zerion.

  • Displays the value of your DeFi assets and crypto portfolio performance.
  • You can buy and sell DeFi tokens
  • Fiat currencies are supported via bank transfer or credit/debit card
  • Comparing rates for crypto market data and lending, borrowing, staking and investing in digital assets
  • Monitoring your portfolio performance and prices
  • Available for Android and iOS users: Mobile App


The best part of the Zerion cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is that it’s a free crypto portfolio tracker. Download it for freeUse it for free.

BlockFolio (FTX)


Blockfolio supports over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies and is the best cryptocurrency tracking app. It was recently acquired by FTX, renamed and greatly expanded its functionality.

BlockFolio (FTX), in addition to tracking crypto assets, provides updates and news about crypto. 

BlockFolio is an app-based communication platform that makes it easy to communicate with token communities. You can receive updates from the top crypto teams such as Monero and NEO. Dash. Zcash. Ontology. Kyber Network.

BlockFolio: Key features(FTX).

These are some of the most important features in BlockFolio (FTX).

  • Over 500 exchanges allow you to sync trades
  • Latest news from the cryptocurrency market. The exchange price and market analysis.
  • In real time, candlestick charts and order books information for every crypto are available
  • You can display the currency value of your crypto in over 100 different currencies. They can also be seen on another crypto base.
  • Monitoring your portfolio performance and prices
  • Accessible on Android and iOS, and 24-hour support


BlockFolio is a FTX (blockfolio) based on Bitcoin. Free crypto portfolio tracker. It’s free to download, and it is easy to use.

What’s the Bottom Line?

In order to assist you in choosing the tracker that will take your investment to the next level, we’ve reviewed 11 of the top crypto portfolio trackers.

Use these trackers all in one to keep track of your crypto investments and transactions.

The post will be regularly updated to reflect the changing crypto world. So make sure to keep checking it often to stay up-to-date with all the most recent information.


How Do I Track My Crypto Portfolio in 2021

Tracking crypto portfolios used to be difficult and time-consuming. Crypto trackers have been widely used and developed. These trackers provide a complete view of your assets, and make it easy to keep an eye on your portfolio. To give you a complete view of all your assets, crypto trackers can be integrated with many exchanges and wallets.

What is the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker?

This is the list of most popular crypto portfolio trackers. 

  • CoinStats
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Manage Coin Market 
  • Altrady 
  • CoinTracking
  • ZenLedger
  • CoinTracker
  • Kubera
  • Delta
  • Zerion
  • BlockFolio (FTX)

Are Coinstats safe to use?

CoinStats ranks among the top, most reliable, and most loved crypto portfolio trackers of 2021. CoinStats automates exchange, which enhances the functionality. This process is easy and completely secure. CoinStats does not have access to your funds since you’re only submitting an API key that has limited functions.

A Public API allows CoinStats only to read your wallet’s balances without having access to your funds. With this, even if a hacker hacks CoinStats (a highly unlikely scenario), they can’t steal your funds.

What is the cost of a Crypto Portfolio Monitor?

Although most of the crypto portfolio trackers available are free, some offer extra features for a cost. To get a better idea of the features offered by the paid versions, it is recommended that you first try the free or basic trial.

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