Symmetry Financial Group Celebrates a Year of Growth

As 2020 gets rolling, Symmetry Financial Group proudly looks back over its achievements during 2019. A conscientious company with solid core values, Symmetry Financial Group not only saw financial growth during the completed year but also demonstrated its commitment to its core values by way of activities that solidified and supported the company’s operating philosophy.

The company’s first defining value is that “relationships matter, [and] people come first.” Symmetry Financial Group is committed to supporting its nationwide network of independent insurance agents by bringing balance to their professional and personal lives. Symmetry agents are able to meticulously research and shop among available life insurance products from over 30 of the top-rated insurance carriers in the nation to present the products in a way that is easy to understand for customers. Symmetry’s corporate team works to support insurance agents in making their sales goals while providing customized services for individuals and families. Symmetry considers this a winning strategy that benefits all involved. In 2019, Symmetry Financial Group assisted over 300,000 American families in finding the best possible insurance coverage and policies to meet their individual needs, helping agents make better sales, and providing peace of mind for families.

Another of the company’s core values is the “relentless pursuit of personal growth.” Symmetry Financial Group believes that satisfied, confident professionals make for a better and happier workforce, so the company does its best to support staff and agents in their personal and professional development efforts. As a reflection of Symmetry’s commitment to its staff’s growth and professional development, Symmetry continues to develop Thrive and Connect, two initiatives that empower and inspire individuals by helping them live in alignment with their highest selves, a concept that Symmetry Financial Group is deeply committed to.

Additionally, in 2019, Symmetry held a national conference that brought together agents from across the nation to discuss professional development strategies such as building businesses, demonstrating effective leadership skills, and building upon one’s personal capabilities. For Symmetry, the growth of each individual in the company is important to the overall growth of the company as a whole.

At Symmetry Financial Group, the corporate philosophy focuses on supporting the personal and professional growth of corporate staff members while also providing them with opportunities to make a difference in society. “We have fun, and we get stuff done” is another of the company’s guiding principles, and in 2019, the company achieved transformative growth while also providing staff with fun contests, events, and adventures.

Corporate Philanthropy

Symmetry Financial Group is also committed to “being of service and doing good in the world.” The company participates yearly in a number of philanthropic activities and proudly announced that, at the conclusion of 2019, the combined efforts of its agent and corporate donations totaled $489,000 in philanthropic donations. The company also announced that over the past three years, it has raised a total of $1,086,000 to benefit local and regional nonprofits and organizations.

Among the company’s philanthropic achievements of 2019 was the partnership between Symmetry’s corporate staff and PubCorps, which provided 100,000 meals for underprivileged families. On the company’s first annual National Impact day, Symmetry staff and agents across 18 U.S. cities helped provide critical housing by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

In fact, during 2019, Symmetry partnered with over 30 nonprofits and organizations in its home region of Western North Carolina and across the U.S. These groups included local organizational partners such as Bounty and Soul, regional partners such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central and Western North Carolina, and national partners such as the New York-based non-profit group Charity: Water.

The company also celebrated the hard work and dedication of its staff at its annual Symmetry Challenge, where agents and other personnel from across the country came together to compete in a 5K and dodgeball tournament, an event that raised some $200,000 in donations to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Symmetry Financial Group is proud to have spent all of 2019 participating in activities that benefited humanity, helped its agents and personnel grow, and nurtured a corporate culture that emphasizes fun and camaraderie. The company wishes to thank all of its clients, partners, and staff for helping it make 2019 a year of growth and giving and it looks forward to a bright and bountiful 2020.

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