How To Generate Leads That Convert In The Media Industry: What You Need To Know From Leo Olsen Guillot

Lead generation is a challenge for businesses. A recent report revealed that 68% of companies struggle with lead generation. One of the reasons for this is that customers demand more from brands. For starters, modern-day customers want personalization. The issue of lead generation is further complicated with the intense competition in the market and information flood. The high information makes it difficult to track, reach, and engage your target audience. 

We had a conversation with Leo Olsen Guillot, owner of Olsen Media. Olsen is a serial entrepreneur in the media consulting niche. Olsen shared with us some tips on how to generate leads that convert into the media industry. 

Leo Olsen Guillot Background 

Most Millennials are ditching the 9 to 5 system for entrepreneurship. Currently, millennials are starting businesses at a younger age compared to baby boomers. Some of the motivations for doing so include financial freedom, the privilege of being your own boss, and more job security. 

Leo Olsen Guillot started his business at 19 years of age. By age 20, he was already a millionaire, within nine months of starting his business. Before Olsen Media, Olsen had established other types of companies. He started a Pick-Up and Delivery Laundry startup. Also, he started a brand known as and later sold it to Clickfunnels. 

Today. Olsen does social media consulting for businesses. He started his marketing business through building a sales funnel; managing feeds such as ads, and retainers. Olsen also took on a course to boost his skills and make his company expand faster. In the end, his experience and knowledge now only helped him but also his clients. Olsen Media, for instance, gets about 50 leads per month. 

How To Generate Leads That Convert In The Media Industry 

One of the biggest challenges for startups is finding a need or a problem that you can solve for your target audience. To solve this issue, you have to conduct a competitor analysis. One way you can do this is by examining your competitor’s website, social media engagement, and customer experience. Identifying the right need to address can help you boost your lead conversion rate by 42.1%

You need authentic marketing to generate leads that convert. Authentic marketing refers to an approach to marketing that is more honest with its customers. This type of marketing requires businesses to ask three main questions:

  1. Can our customers see what we are trying to sell them? 
  2. Is our marketing strategy sales-driven or customer-oriented? 
  3. Are we focussed on pushing our product in the market, or do we want to create value and trust? 
  • Keep It real with customers

Leo Olsen Guillot states that brands should keep it real with their customers. Honesty helps you establish a connection with your target audience. One way you can creatively leverage authentic marketing is by creating a behind the scenes video. You can show your clients how you manage to make the best product in the market or what challenges you go through to deliver the best service. 

  • Personal branding

Generating leads that convert requires you to focus on personal branding. The benefits of personal branding are that you develop your reputation in the market as an industry expert. Leo Olsen Guillot is an excellent example of the power of personal branding. Since he is an expert in social media strategies, businesses trust him to help them achieve their goals. Branding yourself helps you generate leads that convert. Your target audience will look to you for solutions to their problems because you have developed your reputation as an expert and a thought leader. 

  • Email marketing

40% of marketers admit that email marketing is a great way to generate leads. Leo Olsen Guillot also agrees that email marketing helps you establish a connection with your clients. However, you do not just send an email to your customers. You have to send a personalized email with a catchy title and relevant content. Such an email will not only help you boost conversions but also builds your relationship with your customers. 

  • Social media

The last tip from Leo Olsen Guillot is focussing on social media lead generation through the sales funnel. Lead generation via social media involves activities undertaken to generate new leads via social media. Some of these activities, including using Facebook Ads, and creating relevant content on Instagram. Olsen says that you can generate leads that convert by nurturing the leads through the customer journey or sales funnel. 

Olsen Media has helped hundreds of brands expand their reach via digital marketing. Are you struggling with lead conversion? Then reach out to Olsen Guillot to get your business to the top.