Stop Putting On A Face, With Britney Renee Gooch

You will hear people say that they could never claim to know the other person in today’s world because everyone has become too good at putting on a face. Sometimes even family members end up strangers. 

‘Putting On Face’ Britney Renee published this book. It is a very timely book that will show you why you shouldn’t ‘put on a face’ in an effort to keep your mental health safe and stable.

Prevalence Of Mental Health Illnesses

Mental health has become a ‘fancy’ topic nowadays. Although some might argue that we have finally come to terms with the taboos from thousands of generations ago, reality is that it is more prevalent than ever. 

The world is going through an evolutionary shift. mental health.

Mental health is not a problem 

Talking about mental health doesn’t automatically mean that there is something wrong with the way it is perceived. BritneyShe and her art work are such beautiful creations. They show that every person needs a safe place where they can live life fully and also heal. You would think that this talk is cliché till you hear the tale of a 23-year-old divorcee. 


Britney is well aware of the dangers associated with unhealed traumas. Britney was raised with her siblings in a family that included an athletic father and a professional mother. Her dad was a strong provider and was often at war with her mom about infidelity. 

Britney would accept the fact that the mother suffered and coped to keep her family together. Britney’s sisters could also take it in, and believe that everything was fine.


It has been difficult growing up. You can only take with you the lessons you have learned. Britney was in many relationships that were abusive until her marriage. It would be stained with infidelity just like her mom. 

A mere year later, she had been divorced. to another toxic and abusive relationship.

We need to get rid of the bullies

Later, she would learn that her suffering was not necessary and that it wasn’t right for her to feel alone. It was clear to her that bullying needed to be addressed and she removed the fake happiness and joy she had worn to blend in with a perfect world. She decided to get help.

The healing process began. She resolved to improve her life and find the people she needed to support it. She made a decision to be present, feel and mindful of her emotions, begin anew, and become compassionate. Her best-selling book was published. ‘Putting On Face,’ was just part of the healing. The world would be healed, one reader at a.