Blockchain Analytics Platform Whalemap Announces $1.6M Raise to Simplify Blockchain Data For Everyday Use

Whalemap is a blockchain analytics platform which uses data science in real-time trading insights. It has closed $1.6 Million of capital. Participation from Anthony Pompliano and Ghaf Capital, NFT Technologies and RR2 Capital as well as Angel Investors from Claystack and Solstarter.

Whalemap, founded in the early 2020s, has always been dedicated to making blockchain more accessible, interesting, entertaining, and fun. The company has attracted over 34,000 new users, and received over 1 million API requests over the lifetime. One of the team’s primary goals is to shed light on data and insights that are traditionally only available to hedge funds while keeping it visually intuitive and simple.

Artem Lazarev, Whalemap founder said: “We see a future where blockchain analytics are an integral part of a mature crypto economy. It is crucial to keep it simple, accessible, and universally compatible in this age of information overload. Blockchains have enabled the decentralization of finance. Now, with Whalemap’s help, it’s analytics’ turn.”

“Strong on-chain analytics in the crypto space has yet to be solved and Shima Capital is excited to back Whalemap which has the opportunity to deliver on becoming the Tableau of crypto,”Yida Gao is the founder of Shima Capital.

Andy Bohutsky is the Whalemap founder.  “Whalemap makes all traders equal. Our goal is to make data accessible and provide every cryptocurrency enthusiast with the keys for analysing Blockchain data. We utilise our tokemomics to make hedge fund level of data accessible to everyone.”

The raised funds will be used to expand Whalemap’s engineering team, especially on the data science and blockchain engineering side, and to weave all Whalemap features into a sustainable blockchain data analytics platform with mainstream adoption in mind. For that, the team is expanding the platform’s functionality with mempool and DeFi analytics.

Whalemap also focuses heavily on creating educational content and accessibility, partnering with Kouroush AK, Joseph Young and other thought-leaders that share in the team’s belief in educating the masses about blockchain data’s significant potential.The company will be soon announcing more details around its public sale slated for December 17, 2021.


Whalemap’s official website keeps you up-to-date. Twitter.


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