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Telefonica is one of Spain’s largest telecom operators and Qualcomm, the fabless chips designer have forged a partnership in order to promote joint extended reality, metaverse and other initiatives. Telefonica will make these metaverse experiences available to its customers using Snapdragon Spaces technology by Qualcomm. There are also potential commercial partnerships.

Telefonica Partners with Qualcomm in bringing Metaverse Experiences for its Customers

Telefonica is one of Europe’s largest telecom operators and has signed a partnership agreement with Qualcomm to produce metaverse-related projects. This agreement will allow Telefonica’s telecom infrastructure to be used as a platform for deploying experiences made with Qualcomm technology.

The technology is called Snapdragon Spaces and it includes a complete stack of programs. This allows designers to concentrate on creating these experiences for Augmented Reality headsets. It is also an independent technology that can run on any type of headset, even the Meta Quest. Telefonica will incorporate this technology in projects that are developed through the Metaverse Hub. It is a dedicated location to Web3, augmented realities, and metaverse initiatives.

About this partnership and what it means for the future of the company, Telefonica’s VP of devices & consumer IoT, Daniel Hernandez, stated:

Extended Reality (XR), will add a new dimension and dimension to both the real and digital world, making it possible for people to interact, collaborate, have fun, make friends, and do business. This is what we are doing. We’re building infrastructure, updating equipment and evolving our services. And, we’re forming partnerships to help us bring new products and services to our customers.

There are two brands in the Metaverse

Both companies have been involved in partnerships and investments in the area of augmented reality technology and metaverse. Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, spoke about the metaverse in May. He stated it would offer a huge opportunity to the businesses involved. The company recently closed a deal with Meta to develop metaverse-specific silicon to be used in Meta’s next line of headsets.

Telefonica is also involved in metaverse-related projects. Company invested unspecified amount in Gamium (Spanish open world), through Wayra. Wayra was an open innovation platform.

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