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Solidus Ai Tech recently announced a strategic alliance with Galaxy Arena. Galaxy Arena currently acts as the metaverse’s only VR-Earn game aggregator. Galaxy Arena are really making some noise in the Play2Earn and Meta space by bridging the gap between virtual and reality by ‘bringing events, attractions and businesses into the metaverse.’ Galaxy Arena and its partners will benefit from using Solidus Ai Tech’s immense computing power, while Solidus Ai Tech will have a robust gateway for the players of its play to earn game from the metaverse.

Galaxy Arena boasts three impressive, distinct sectors: the ‘Entertainment Venue’ 30,000 square meters of explorable digital space divided in to six action packed floors. Each floor will offer its own attractions, functions, experiences, and amenities. Virtual reality will be available in the arena for celebrities to perform live, including fighting matches and other types of entertainment. The ‘Galaxy Gym’ is the world’s first state of art meta facility that provides an array of interactive virtual reality health benefits and fitness movement mini games. It offers classes and courses in VR and connects users with world-renowned trainers and athletes.

And the ‘Galaxy Tower’, standing alongside the arena and the gym the tower is a marvel on its own. Sky Lounge Social club will open on the first floor. Celestial Casino is also available. Rest of the tower will contain a collection of 20,000 units of NFT, divided into offices and luxury spaces. The platform is truly remarkable where participants can ‘play, move, learn, dance, sing and participate to earn all under one roof’, making Galaxy Arena the exclusive ‘X to earn’ hub. Speaking about the new partnership, Solidus Ai Tech founder Paul Farhi said: ‘We are and have been actively looking for Web 3.0 companies operating in gaming or the metaverse, and Galaxy Arena ticks a number of boxes for us. Galaxy Arena has a great product and is highly professional. It’s also the case that they have more than 150 partners who they provide gateways to their games and metaverses. This access also gives us the opportunity to work with these companies, who can also take advantage of our unprecedented computing power. Users of Galaxy Arena will also be able play their own game to win. So it’s very much a mutually beneficial partnership.’

Speaking to the still untapped potential of the metaverse, Farhi said: ‘In its simplest terms, the metaverse is simply a 3D version of the internet – a form of digital interaction where connected virtual experiences can simulate our world or re-imagine worlds. The metaverse is fundamentally a force for good. It can be used to connect people through stories and experience, as well as our planet. The metaverse and the technologies that are taking us towards it can make an overwhelmingly powerful and positive impact in the world providing we put what’s good for the world and the people in it at the heart of its design.’

Solidus Ai Tech’s history has been filled with many accolades, successes and lucrative partnerships. Recent successes include winning Top Initial Coin Offering (AI) at the 2022 World Blockchain Summit in Singapore for its AITECH token – the world’s first deflationary artificial intelligence utility token – and a number of lucrative, high-profile partnerships such as its recent announcement of a partnership with Blockchain industry leader Herbert Sim aka BitcoinMan™ who is one of the less than 100 verified ‘blue tick’ public figures across all major social media platforms in Blockchain industry, in the world. Not only did he invest an undisclosed sum in the company, but he is also an adviser. Solidus Ai Tech was also accepted by multiple cryptocurrency exchanges including BitMart and MEXC Global as well as LBank, and Coinstore.


Founded in December 2017, Solidus Technologies started as a cryptocurrency mining firm with a particular focus on mining Ethereum (ETH) via GPU-based mining rigs. After the massive increase in AI service demand and the aftermath of the 2020 financial collapse, Solidus Technologies shifted their core focus to Artificial Intelligence. Solidus AI Tech was established to be the AI arm. Solidus’ Artificial Intelligence and HPC infrastructure will enable Government Authorities, Corporations, SME’s, Professionals, Play2Earn and Metaverse projects to licence AI services and rent HPC power. Solidus AI Tech has launched its eco-friendly AITECH token that will seamlessly integrate with their AI infrastructure. The AITECH token can be purchased, staked, or kept.



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