SocialGood – Shopping That’s Good for Your Wallet

SocialGood offers a worldwide smartphone app called the SocialGood App. It allows you to shop at more than 1,800 online stores and earn SocialGood (SG). Shopping with the app through a process called Shopping Mining™, users can shop and receive SG as a form of “cryptoback”.

SocialGood is a great way to save your money!

Retailers offer cashback in order to attract customers online.

Cashback companies work with merchants to implement a range of strategies. They offer competitive rewards for retail transactions in order to encourage spending and increase spending.

SocialGood app is very user-friendly.

Download the SocialGood App for Android and iOS to invite your friends. You’ll receive a bonus of US$200.

SocialGood’s team is happy to announce that each referral they receive will be eligible for US$200 of SG. Referrals must share their invitation code on the SocialGood App until 31 January 2022. All new invitees signing up via the App will receive US$200 of SG.

There are more than 600,000 active users around the world and you can get up to 15% stake reward. You will get more stake bonuses the more you use the SocialGood app and the longer you hold it.

The SG project offers cryptoback rewards and distributes tokens to retail partners. In exchange for affiliate marketing deals or commissions with retailers partners, SG, in general, is a very innovative initiative that can be hugely helpful to commerce shopping. It’s the first of its kind to offer shoppers up to 100% cryptoback on purchases and could usher in major changes in the e-commerce space. SocialGood uses cryptocurrency technology to offer shoppers substantial economic incentives and its native token. SocialGood will see greater adoption of cryptocurrency technology as the market becomes mainstream.

Inviters have the benefit of receiving US$200 in SG per new user. The referral bonus will show up in your “Referral History” of the app instantly. Once the referral bonus recipient has purchased at least US$30, it can be withheld.

The advantage of being an invitatione (New User), is the ability to receive their US$200 worth SG once they have made purchases amounting to US$30 or greater and waited for their approval.

How to share your Invitation code

  1. In the SocialGood App, you can access your personal invitation code by pressing the “Referrals” button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  2. You can copy your code, and you can share it via Social Media.
  3. To count each referee, invited users must enter the code at the time they sign up to the SocialGood App.

*In order to prevent fraud, an approval process will be required for referrers to withdraw newly acquired SG. Status for these referrals will be “approved” once the invitee does Shopping Mining™  and makes US$30 worth of purchases within 30 days after registering and has their purchases approved.

SocialGood owns several patents relating to cryptocurrency and how it is used by consumers to give them cryptoback, reward points, or point redemptions. They have provided cryptoback to all users who have made purchases on the app, when they’ve met the cryptoback terms and conditions.

The App allows companies to add partner businesses, allowing them to earn advertising revenue. Partner companies love the new method of growing their customer base and are more likely to work with other companies.

Your invitation code is also available for unlimited use.

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