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Original Launched on June 15,ThEverRise (211) is a Blockchain technology company offering security and bridging services across many chains using an ecosystem decentralized apps. They were the first company to introduce crypto buybacks with their RISE token. The buyback mechanism has been standardised in the space, with many forks.

EverRise v2.0

EverRise works to bring their ecosystem of dApps onto as many blockchains possible in order to improve adoption of safety protocols across all of DeFi.

EverRise recently went live with Version 2 of their contract, which was released on Monday, November 29th.Th11.11 p.m. UTC The contract has many notable innovations and improvements. A representative from noted in an update to the EverRise community, “The upgraded EverRise contract is a technological tour de force. The Certik team is impressed with the level of innovation and engineering.”

RISE will now be offered on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon networks via PancakeSwap UniSwap and QuickSwap. There is one supply for each of these blockchains as well as the balanced initial liquidity pool.

It is the first token to launch on all three chain simultaneously. The RISE token will also be made available for the first-time on Polygon. The token had previously been available on the Binance Smart Chain as well as Ethereum.

This updated contract includes many notable changes and innovations. Most notable is the addition of staking. This replaces reflections and allows for a reduction in transaction taxes from 11% down to 6%. Stake holders have the option of selecting between one and twelve month staking pool options. An automated buyback is used to feed the reward pool. An upgraded automated buyback transfers the tokens bought to the reward pool, instead of sending them to the burning address. The supply of tokens is fixed at 10,000:1, which means that they can be consolidated to just below 72 billion tokens (71.618.033,988).

Future Blockchains: More Blockchains

The EverRise ecosystem for decentralized applications (dApps), v2.0 will now be accessible to all developers across the three chain to provide security and assurance to investors and project developers. EverRise has two current offerings: EverOwn (a smart contract lock) launched in September; and EverBridge, an interblockchain bridge that allows block-speed transfers to be made, in October. EverMigrate is a smooth way for projects and to move to an updated contract. It was launched November 23rd.rd.

EverRise, in addition to the new dApps that are on the horizon is excited to bring their token and ecosystem to even more blockchains. Their goal is to bring safety and security into the DeFi ecosystem. EverSale is currently in planning and development. EverWallet and EverWallet will be available in the near future.

For more information about the project, visit the site, check out the blog, or follow the team on Twitter. TwitterTelegram and Discord. Reddit. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube.

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