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The Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection auction for non-fungible token assets (NFTs) was launched at Art Basel Miami on the Superrare platform. It took place two days ago, December 2. On December 8, the Ulbricht NFT Collection auction will close. The auction so far has received a bid total of 666 Ethereum, or approximately $2.6 million. Additionally the project Pleasrdao aims to up the ante as the “Free Ross DAO” bidding on the collection has raised 1,042 ether or $4.2 million to date.

Ross Ulbricht NFT Auction Eyes Millions in Ether News covered the Ross Ulbricht Genius Collection auction that took place in Miami at Art Basel. This auction took place on Superrare NFT’s marketplace. The collection includes ten Ross Ulbricht artworks.

“Curated by Entoptic, this is the first and only NFT to include Ross Ulbricht’s personal work,” the announcement detailed. So far, the Ulbricht NFT collection has seen significant demand and to date, Superrare stats show a bidder dubbed “@toxicbitcoinmaxi outbid @starrynight” with a bid of 666 ether on December 3. At current ether exchange rates, that’s more than $2.6 million in USD value.

Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection NFT Auction Sees Millions of Dollars in Ethereum Bids
The Ross Ulbricht NFT artwork called: “The Trial I Saw.” Graphite pencil drawing created in prison. A creative interpretation based on Ross’s perception of his trial, seen through his own mask.

After the bid of 666 ETH, the Twitter account that belongs to the creative director at Swan Studios, Brekkie, told his 40,000 Twitter followers that Ulbricht’s NFT art was beyond inspiring.

“Ross’s artwork is beautiful and his perspective on life, despite everything, is beyond inspiring,” Brekkie tweeted. “I hope that one day he will gain his freedom, freedom that so many of us take for granted every single day. Yes, I oppose ethereum et al, but we are all humans, Ross even more so.”

On Saturday December 4, 2021, Ulbricht’s clemency petition hosted on is 42,833 signatures away from reaching a half million signatures.

The ‘Free Ross DAO’ Contender

In addition to the bid by “@toxicbitcoinmaxi” on Superrare, Ulbricht’s NFT collection could be purchased by the Pleasrdao project that plans to fractionalize the artwork.

“Ross Ulbricht founded Silk Road, introduced hundreds of thousands to crypto, and received a disproportionate prison sentence of two lifetimes plus 40 years,” the Pleasrdao’s “Free Ross DAO” initiative explains. “Today we unite in solidarity for Ross, gathering funds to buy his Genesis Collection, and protesting the injustices of the American prison system.”

At the time of writing, the “Free Ross DAO” has collectively raised 1,042 ETH or $4.2 million in USD value. The decentralized autonomous organization’s manifesto stresses: “We will Free Ross. We will work to improve prison reform. We will share Ross’s work with the world and give everyone a unique opportunity to own a piece of it.” Ulbricht too has said that he hoped to lend a hand to his fellow prisoners, and his “art is one way” he can help.

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