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PRESS RELEASE. RebusChain, an Ethereum platform that is poised to make DeFi mainstream, has made its public announcement of the PCD (public coin distribution) in late Summer. After several successful platform and financial partnership announcements, the PCD allows those who support its mission to acquire coins through the Osmosis liquidity bootstrap pool (LBP). This is a major milestone for the Rebus project.

Rebus has unique foundations in cyber security and traditional finance. CTO, COO, and Nicola Onassis have both worked together in the past and started new companies. Rebus was formed when Paolo Baroni (Financial Product Lead) introduced them to each other.

The DeFi market is typical of emerging technology markets. It’s complex and constantly evolving, which is not unusual. However, all people should have access to blockchain-based transaction tools–it’s the most trustworthy transaction method humans have developed. Access to DeFi was more important than participation. The problem was its complexity. Rebus was born to provide better answers to two tough questions “How do I get into DeFi, and what can I do with it?” Rebus is opening up a significant growth path for the entire DeFi space by eliminating the complexity and paving the way for more utility.

Rebus ($REBUS), a utility currency on the RebusChain blockchain platform, is compliant with regulations. It allows fast, secure and affordable transactions. Along with the Rebus Investment Platform, $REBUS is the regulatory instrument that makes all of this possible. It continues to expand and create a strong community for the common goal of improving business transactional world.

RebusChain provides DeFi (Decentralized Finance) opportunities for traditional investors in an easy-to-use platform. A platform will be created that permits TradFi house like Asset Managers and Financial Planners to access the information. The adoption of cryptocurrency investing is possible by allowing all markets, both individual and institutional investors to access DeFi products. Existing crypto assets will be in high demand as Rebus Financial Partnerships makes offers to their traditional clients (an account that accounts for $5B+ and growing). This opens up new avenues for existing investors who want to make income with Rebus Platform Partners.

Public Coin Distribution is the first step in the launch of public trading $REBUS. This will be possible on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The 12th of September 2022The $REBUS Airdrop was held, which officially launched the RebusChain platform.

LBP is also available on Osmosis’ Osmosis platform. This type of automated market maker (AMM), was specifically created for token launches. Tokens will be distributed using an LBP in order to attain the initial price discovery at $REBUS.

$REBUS’ role on the RebusChain platform is to regulate transactions. The token’s value will be derived from the number of transactions on RebusChain, making $REBUS an attractive prospect as crypto moves toward a hyper-adoption phase with the rise of utilities and a decrease in complexity. It is essentially a support and hedge for any investment made in the Cosmos environment.

In order to meet regulator requirements and maintain liquidity, $REBUS will also use blockchain technology. On the RebusChain platform, $REBUS will serve three main functions:

  • RebusChain’s ecosystem requires that you pay for any transactions, fees or services.
  • Network security through proof of stake
  • Assist with on-chain governance of the RebusChain Ethical and Community funds pools

Visit the website for more information about the project, its founders, partners, and to-be-released financial products (Q1 CY23’).

RebusChain believes that it should provide traditional investors decentralized options for investing in an accessible and simple-to-understand fashion. It aims to offer financial products tailored to its customers’ and users’ needs. RebusChain has several active social media accounts, such as Telegram, DiscordPlease see the following: Twitter. Visit the site at it official website.




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