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Rarible.com, a non-fungible token marketplace (NFT), and Rarible protocol revealed an integration with Flow on November 10. Rarible customers can now list, trade, and create Flow-based NFTs via the Rarible platform.

Rarible Partners in Flow Blockchain

Rarible.com, the NFT protocol and Rarible protocol announced the Dapper Labs crafted Blockchain network Flow support. Rarible’s announcement explains that Flow-based NFT users will see “extremely low gas fees and a swift user experience.” For instance, data shows on Thursday, November 11, ethereum (ETH) network fees are 0.012 ether per transaction or $57.98. Rarible’s announcement notes that Flow’s network fees are around $0.0001 per transfer.

“Moreover, since Flow has been created with both end-users and developers in mind, we also integrated it with the Rarible Protocol, which means that you can now make use of fully open-source infrastructure to build NFT projects with Flow’s refined developer ergonomics,” the Rarible team details.

The Dapper Labs developed Flow blockchain. It is widely known for its NFT projects such as NBA Top Shot or Cryptokitties. Flow recently partnered up with Filecoin to join forces with Google, the tech giant, in an effort to boost Web3 development and blockchain gaming.

Rarible had announced its intention to integrate with Flow by June 30th. NFT marketplace also announced that they had raised $14 million through a Series A round of funding. According to statistics from dappradar.com, Rarible’s all-time sales are around $264.69 million and it’s the sixth-largest NFT project in sales. Flow’s NBA Top Shot NFTs have seen $728.23 million in all-time sales and it’s the fourth leading NFT project in terms of overall sales.

Let us know your thoughts on the NFT Marketplace Rarible, which integrated the Flow blockchain last week. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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