Plunging into the DAO Segment to Capture Future Values

“In the physical world we live, governance is often subject to one or many central authorities. These real-world governance rules have created a clear, defined hierarchy. Crypto technologies are advancing and creating new opportunities.You can also visit our website. a series of ecosystems, we developed a new approach: a free, equal, and open DAO governance ecosystem.”

A DAO ecosystem ideal would have code as law and all ecosystems managed in an automated and programmed manner. The organizational structure of a DAO is distributed and parallel, rather than the traditional pyramid-like structures that are common to many entities. This structure allows power to be distributed and not held by one entity or individual. DAO communities will now be the ones in control, which allows for independent, collaborative governance. DAO is changing the way businesses do business. As this free “utopia” promotes a paradigm shift in human organizations via decentralized governance and strong incentive mechanisms, DAO has become the next promising area in the crypto economy.

Exploring a new trend: DAO is key to ViaBTC Capital’s roadmap

ViaBTC Capital, a new venture by ViaBTC Group combines resource support, funding and post-investment services. It’s an ecosystem-oriented investment platform that focuses on projects that solve crypto problems.

ViaBTC Capital was established quickly and has been a favorite source for investment within the crypto community due to its unique value capture strategies as well as its expertise in finding growth points.

ViaBTC Capital recently shifted its attention to DAO segments and began making moves. It has made two investments in dark horses, Colony DAO and Moda DAO.

Colony is a community-driven, avalanche ecosystem acceleration. It has worked to develop a flexible, easy-to use DAO framework that’s powerful, flexible and practical. Colony aims to establish a trust system that allows users around the world to form distributed online communities, and to raise funds for projects. Colony set out to build a foundation properly incentivized for future Avalanche applications. Colony, which is powered by an innovative funding mechanism, infuses traditional venture capital with the spirit of community through open governance, support, and inclusion. In order to allow Colony to become more decentralized, it will establish a DAO structure.

ViaBTC Capital, relying on their market insight, has made investments in Colony which have expanded the company’s investment portfolio. Colony also works closely with Avalanche. Colony is a DAO project that has generated wide interest in the market and earned substantial returns to VC institutions.

ViaBTC Capital’s sharp eye for DAO investments is self-evident.

Moda DAO (a niche project) provides multiple Web3.0-based infrastructures that are useful for musicians. This project will redefine the music industry by using completely decentralized, automated technology. MODA DAO, a community and technology network decentralised in the digital age is an example of such a community. MODA was created for the metaverse, the play-to earn era. It is committed to Web3 adoption in the music industry through NFTs and micro-licensing.

ViaBTC Capital invested in this project as it was interested in technological innovation Moda DAO could bring to the DAO sector. Moda DAO, the first DAO application to use Optimistic Rollup (a scalable solution and cross-chain tech), may be a crucial reference in building future DAO ecosystems.

ViaBTC Capital’s investment in Moda DAO was therefore intended to secure the future for the entire segment and not just one application.

ViaBTC Capital is a value-centered investor who believes in DAO’s future growth.

As a firm believer of DAO’s future potential, ViaBTC Capital focuses on extensive DAO investments. In addition to Moda DAO Colony, ViaBTC Capital is also a keen observer of DAO developments. ViaBTC Capital has been at the forefront in DAO development and is continually looking to invest in more DAO projects.

ViaBTC Capital’s successful DAO investments indicate that it has entered a new crypto stage where it starts to look for new growth poles. The handsome returns are the reward for ViaBTC Capital’s sound investment philosophy and demonstrate its value-centered investment approach.


DAO is a revolutionary new model for organizational structures. It has redefined how organizations work and has allowed traditional organisations to transcend their boundaries. It has also opened a new chapter for crypto development. ViaBTC continues to follow this trend by exploring the possible growth poles for DAO, and accelerating the development of Web 3.0 to allow more people to enjoy the benefits offered by cryptotechnologies.

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