Physical NFTs? A Glimpse at Spellfire’s Gameplay and New Cards

Spellfire Master the Magic, whether you’re an expert card player or a collector, is one of your best options.

Spellfire was created by a team of crypto developers. It is a blockchain-based, collectible card game (CCG), that gives back ownership to its users in the form NFT-based cards.

But they know the nostalgia that many people get from playing physical cards is something to be treasured, and so, the game was designed to integrate real-world printed cards with digital counterparts.

Spellfire, a complete package that packs 30 years worth of history in a CCG suitable for today’s gamers, is as it stands. No matter where you are most at home, Spellfire will have a way to play.

Spellfire is enjoying a lot of interest lately. Its team has now had to take on hundreds of eager fans. This week saw the release of the project’s gameplay explainer, which talked viewers through the basics, from character types to each unique phase of gameplay.

Anyone who is interested in creating their first deck will find it a delight to discover that there are future opportunities for earning starter decks free of charge by taking part in Discord community events.

Gaming NFTs reveal their true potential

NFT gaming is beginning to take shape. The November NFT gaming items were purchased by 71% more users. Nearly half of blockchain activity is now played through Play-to Earn games. NFT gaming has been the source of a remarkable $1.08 trillion in NFT trading volume.

Spellfires NFTs are the result. In an industry that is constantly shifting, with new developments being witnessed every day, Spellfire’s physical NFTs remain unique in the space.

You can touch them, as each NFT card blends seamlessly with its physical counterpart. Each card’s value and power can be increased by gaining experience in-game and upgrading them with Spellfire’s currency, MAGIC tokens. Special augmented reality cards allow for a new level of immersion through stunning visuals, gestures, and voice commands.

Opensea currently has 115 Prime Edition cards available to purchase, and a brief glimpse of what the lucky owners of the game’s physical cards can expect to receive has recently been released. First, notice how intricate each illustration is.

Artists clearly appreciated the freedom to express themselves for their first release. It’s hard not to imagine where else they might go. For a final touch, the original NFT Cards were treated with holographic foiled. The cards should be of wide appeal for gamers as well as collectors.

It’s not just digital collectibles

Spellfire’s NFTs are so much more than digital collectibles. Although it has been built on the technology of today, at its core, it preserves the same feeling that brought in legions of CCG fans in the early ‘90s. It has been important to preserve the joy of creating a deck and implementing smart strategies.

This team ensures that players will have plenty of reasons to return for more. Players can also compete against skilled opponents in high-stakes, ranked gaming. Winners can win even more by taking their NFT cards, MAGIC tokens and stake them.

You can play-to-earn right now

A CCG that is firmly positioned in the Play to Earn space can guarantee players income through their favorite cards as well as by playing the card game they love.

  • Original NFT cards buyers earn passively from additional card sales, and can keep as much as 90% of all profits.
  • After a non NFT card is upgraded sufficiently, it can be made a Playing NFT Cards, which allows the owner to access the Play-2-Earn system.
  • 128,000,000 $MAGIC kept for distribution to Spellfire’s community through tournament play and in-game achievements.

Spellfire has yet to be released, but development continues at an accelerated pace. CCG gamers around the globe will be able to enjoy Spellfire when it is released.

By introducing exciting new gameplay, and unique card mechanics that won’t be found elsewhere, Spellfire is ready to set the world on fire.

Join Spellfire’s magical universe, or head over to Opensea to get your collection underway.

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