DeFi Professionals Can Now Develop Their Projects Safely

There are more DeFi-related initiatives than ever before, which means there is more opportunity for fraud and fraudulent development processes.

Risk is part of every fundraising process and any development method. Launchpads are no different. The developers may spend their money in ways investors will not be able to predict. Furthermore, the crypto industry has seen several malicious entities use fund-raising techniques such as deceptive roadmaps and commitments to drain investors’ wallets for personal gain.

GloryDoge helps by creating an environment for DeFi that allows the development of creativity and reduces risk for early investors.

Glory Pad: A next-gen IDO Launchpad

GloryPad was the first platform to allow developers to start IDOs and raise early capital to help promote their projects. It isn’t just that! GloryPad will give investors the ownership of generated funds. Developers can’t use them in any other way than GloryPad has approved.

GloryPad developers must set clear goals and follow specific paths to ensure that the funds raised are used to create donations. Chores aren’t required to perform a sale, but the more tasks a sale conducts, the more investors trust the enterprise.

Future compensation can be earned by comparing tasks. When the sale’s soft cap is achieved, these payments will be sent automatically. Investors may always double-check the payment’s destination and reject jobs they feel aren’t advantageous to the enterprise.

GloryPad also serves as a social centre, connecting developers to marketers, investors, influencers and any other parties that may be able to assist them in launching their ideas.

Everybody will have the ability to send a request for a job to any GloryPad projects that interest them. GloryPad also relies heavily on social network links to verify the identity of workers being paid.

Glory Dox: The supplement to GloryPad

GloryDox has revolutionized the way project founders within DeFi change their identities (dox). The verification process is completely automated, and requires no human intervention. Investors also have proof of verification which increases confidence. It provides a solid layer of protection to the founders, validating their identities while keeping them safe.

GloryDox makes use of Veriff, a third-party KYC provider.

The founder of the company will be verified and given a badge that they can display on their site to verify verification. The founder will invite their other team members to participate in the verification process. After validation, each team member will receive an NFT that is proof of verification. It can be used for 12 months.

GloryDox is an integral part of the GloryPad onboarding process, and the verification badge will show on every validated project’s presale page.

Glory’s launchpad will truly spark a boost of energy in the cryptocurrency industry. It’ll give average investors access to possibilities that were previously exclusively available to venture capitalists and high-net-worth people.

The launchpad will be a bridge between investors, projects and project developers. This decentralizes the investment landscape. The rise in use of launchpads has made investing easier, faster, and more reliable.

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