Phemex IV Set To Begin With $750,000 Up For Grabs

Phemex has come back with its popular Phemex Trader’s Arena trading competition. A previous edition in 2020 saw over 100 Bitcoin won by traders. This year’s anticipated fourth edition promises huge rewards and excitement. Phemex has raised the stakes. The cryptocurrency exchangeTrades are encouraged to take part in this contest to win $750,000.

Trading will take place in a battle between traders and the winners will be awarded at the conclusion of the competition. Phemex IV allows traders to compete as either individual traders or in a group. The victors will receive prizes in one of two categories, individual or team.

Change the rules, not the game

Phemex used inverse BTCUSD trades to calculate the total trader. The 2021 edition has a few changes to make it more inclusive. Phemex IV announced that contracts made available through the platform would be counted.

Both USD and BTC trading ROI will be counted towards the final amount. Individuals will only be able to count the contracts with the highest total at the close of the competition. Phemex will use PnL to calculate the individual results across USD and BTC trading accounts. Winners of this competition are those who have the highest ROI during the time limit.

How to Participate

Register now to participate in the Phemex IV Trading Competition. Phemex IV will offer a larger prize pool if there are more traders who sign up.

Traders have the option to sign up and compete individually. Traders with enough influence to form a winning team can become Team Captains. For a valid registration to become a Team Captain, each team must contain 10 people.

Traders can add to their team over time but if they do not reach the minimum requirement by the time registration closes, the team will be automatically disqualified/disbanded. To compete, disbanded members will be randomly assigned among other teams. One team could have more than 10 members. However, only the ROI of the top 10 traders in each team will be counted towards the team’s final total at the end of the competition.

Register for Phemex IV from November 25th to December 9th 2021. The competition will then kick off. Competition will begin at 8AM UTC on December 9th 2021 and end on Dec. 24, 2021.

Get in The Phemex IV Arena

Phemex IV traders will receive a reward based on the type of competition they participate in. The individual trader will be recognized based on how they perform in the trading competition. BTC and USD PnL(profits and loss). The average ROI for the top 10 performers in each team will determine how teams are ranked.

In both cases, bonuses are available. Phemex IV offers trading bonuses for individual traders who deposit enough money into their contracts trading accounts during the competition. Individuals can receive bonuses up to a maximum of $2,500 depending on how much they deposit.

The bonuses are available to team captains. The size of the teams will determine which prizes are awarded to team captains. You can have as few as 10 or as many as 200 people in your team. A prize is awarded to the highest team member.

Allocation of prizes in a pool

Phemex IV’s prize pool will have a 78%-22% split. While teams will get a bigger share of the prize pool’s final value, the 22% remaining goes to the individual players.

For teams, the team captains will receive 40% of the team’s award. The top 10 members will each receive 3%, amounting to 30% of the total team’s award. Based on the number of members in the group, the rest will get a portion of the 30% remaining.

The individual trading category winners will get 8% of all the prize pool, if they finish in the first position. The 1st and 2nd runners up in the individual competition will each receive 5%, while the rest will be split evenly between them. The remaining 7% will be divided equally between the 4th-10th placers.

After the contest ends, prizes, bonus money, and other awards will be given out. This competition could bring in up to $750,000 of Bitcoin for the winners.


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