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OVR a decision to To make its own tokens rarer and more valuable, upgrade the company’s token economics.

To celebrate six months of OVR, OVR’s OVR team burned approximately 1,000,000 OVR tokens in May. It is now announcing an exciting announcement. Make token burning an integral part your token economics.

OVR’s token economics plan

The full fledged NSA was officially launched November 1st. token burn programOfficially started.

The team at OVRLand has agreed to retain 50% of monthly revenue and use it as follows:

  • To burn tokens, 40% can be directly utilized
  • The 10% remaining is used as incentive to sell OVRLand.

A sort of “lottery” takes place in which one of the OVRLand buyers is drawn each month, with the use of Chainlink VRF, to win the remaining 10% of the revenues.

It is obvious that investors who have more OVRLands tokens will be more likely to win 10%.

Possible issues

It seems that the burning program is a great way to go. Accelerate token economics for the project.

But, it is possible to wonder how durable this constant burning could be, and as a consequence, how many. OVRLandsCan be purchased.

It is very comforting to know that the answer to your legitimate doubts can be found.

The data shows that more than 1.6 billion OVRLands cover the entire planet’s surface, but they cannot all be sold. For example, the ones covering deserts and oceans.

Despite this, we arrive at approximately 100 million by deliberately making a low estimate, and only considering the OVRLands points-of-interest recorded by Open Street Map.

We might be more careful in our assumptions and consider the possibility that each of them is smaller than an OVRLand.


If we start with this number and consider 10 OVRs at $1 per each, it would lead to 1 billion in sales. This means that 400 million OVRs could be sold against 100 million current supply.

OVR’s new token economics are already making current and future investors dream.

Here’s the link to the smart-contract that actually does the burning.


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