Open-Source Oracle DIA announces Integration with Fantom’s Opera Mainnet

The open-source oracle platform for decentralised finance DIA announced today its entry into the Fantom ecosystem by making its data provision available on Fantom’s Opera Mainnet. The new integration allows Fantom teams to create use cases, such as stablecoins or stakings reward, lending and borrowing and DEXs.

Fantom is a fast, scalable, and secure layer-1 blockchain platform, built with Fantom’s aBFT consensus protocol. The Fantom Network is compatible with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing developers to deploy and run Ethereum dApps on Fantom. Fantom transactions are verified in less than a minute and costs an average of one cent.

Fantom’s total market value is almost $5Billion. There are many DeFi protocols in place. AnySwap is a popular app, as well as SushiSwap. Beefy Finance, Beefy Finance, Abracadabra and Yearn Finance are just a few of many.

To execute their underlying transactions, Blockchain apps, no matter where they reside, need accurate, real-time information from outside. Through this latest integration with Fantom’s Opera Mainnet, DIA is enabling smart contracts on the network to have access to +6.000 cryptocurrency and +20.000 traditional financial asset feeds.

To source such a broad range of data feeds, DIA’s community of developers scrape data directly from on-chain sources or CEX APIs at individual trade level. It doesn’t matter if the data feed is available on any exchange, or how large its trade volume, it can all be found.

DIA is sourcing data feeds from Fantom Network native assets because many Fantom project assets are run on Fantom blockchain. DIA uses SpookySwap as a source of information to make this possible.

Fantom is the most recent blockchain network that DIA aggregates to its cross-chain Oracle offering. In reality, DIA recently announced integrations with many DeFi ecosystems such as Solana (Celo), Arbitrum, Avalanche Moonriver, Near and Near in the past weeks.

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