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Sales of Non-fungible tokens, or NFT, increased tremendously over the last seven days. NFT sales rose 56.73% compared to the previous week. NFT volume has reached $170.48 Million this week, out of 889.499 transactions.

Artist Keepers and Art Gobblers give NFT sales a push

NFT sales rose by 56% in the last 7 days. This week, sales volumes topped $170.48 millions. Of the total $139.31m in sales, 18 other blockchain projects were involved. Ethereum (ETH), however, captured $139.31M. ETH-based NFT sales increased 95% each week.

New Digital Collectible Collections Art Gobblers and Keepers Propel NFT Sales 56% Higher This Week
NFT sales increased week over week by 56.73% thanks to the sales of a handful of new projects, Art Gobblers & Keepers.

Panini-based NFTs sales grew by 74.27%, while ETH-based NFTs sales grew by 95%. Immutable X followed Panini in week-overweek percentage gains. However, Polygon-based NFTs sales fell by 80.66% and Cardano based NFTs sales declined by 44.11%.

Art Gobblers was the top NFT collection in this week’s seven-day sales. The collection had $51.78million in total sales. Art Gobblers was followed by Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC) $9.45 million and the Keepers collection’s $8.57 million. Art Gobblers had a strong week for sales but Art Blocks saw an increase of more than 73%.

BAYC #5,979 was the highest-priced NFT, selling for $339.75K four days ago. BAYC #2764, which sold for $297.75K 6 days ago, came second. The cryptopunk #6,869 went for $179K less than 22hours ago, and the BAYC #149.47K. The fifth-most expensive NFT was BAYC #2.957, which sold for $145.74K five day ago, according data.

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