Metaverse DeFi Protocol Rikkei Finance Lists on Huobi and PancakeSwap Following Dual IDO and IEO

Rikkei finance’s IDO and IEO, which are its native governance tokens, was also announced today. It quickly sold out. Currently, Rikkei’s native token, $RIFI, is live trading on both Huobi and PancakeSwap.

Rikkei Financial is a metaverse DeFi protocol that uses Binance Smart Chain. This allows safe and secure open lending, cross-chain support, NFT collateralization and peer-to–peer insurance coverage. The long-awaited IDO started alongside Rikkei Finance’s IEO, having previously been postponed since August.

This follows a $5.6 million round of fundraising with Signum Capital and X21 Digital investors, along with the $RU token NFT IDO project IDO for RiFi United’s play-to earn soccer manager simulator.

RedKite Launchpad: $RIFI IDO

RedKite, a leading-edge launchpad that is powered by PolkaFoundry in the $PKF ecosystem, was launched on April 1, 2019. After analyzing the potential team members and their implementation abilities, projects are carefully selected.

Pool Details

  • Token ticker: $RIFI
  • Token type: BEP20
  • Price per token: $0.10
  • Vesting Schedule: 20% Released at Launch, 3 months Cliff, and then 20% Quarterly
  • BSC is the network for IDO
  • IDO Acceptable Currency: USD

The registration period was December 3 through 6, with IDO pools launching on December 7th. The Phase 1 purchasing (guaranteed allocation), ran from 11:00 UTC to 12:15 UTC. Phase 2 (first-come, first serve) was from 12:00 UTC to 12;15 UTC and the community pool between 12:15 UTC and 12:30 UTC.

$RIFI, as mentioned previously, is not available for live trading.

Huobi Primelist: $RIFI IEO

Huobi, a global leader in digital asset trading and regarded as the best, is now listing $RIFI on Primelist, its new token listing platform. Trading time begins at 1:00 UTC and the sale runs from 10:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC. Two methods were available to register for the sale: Queue and HT Holding.


Register via Queue requires participants to register on Huobi Global before December 7th at 10:00 am UTC. Participants should also have 50 USDT or more in their account.

Register to Participate in this Event from 10:00AM UTC to 11:00AM UTC. Up to 5,000 users will randomly be selected to win 50 USDT each.

HT Holding

Participants who registered via HT Holding had to also sign up for Huobi Global before 10:01 AM UTC December 7.

Participants can sign up from 10:00 am UTC to 11:00am UTC. Purchase orders are automatically executed by the system for the highest USDT amount. New tokens will be allocated for each participant on an ad-hoc basis.

Interessing parties may now buy $RIFI tokens via Huobi and PancakeSwap.




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