Metaverse Avenue, The Solana Based Marketing Platform Set To Transform A Billion Dollar Industry

The digital asset market has seen a surge in recent years thanks to new trends like DeFi, NFTs and digital property. This is proving beneficial for institutional adoption. They have adopted the technology on which they plan to create the Internet of the Future, the Metaverse.

Every financial and business industry will be required to maintain a presence on the Metaverse as the younger generation inherits wealth and power. Investors and projects that can see the potential benefits of these assets earlier may be rewarded if they develop a strategy.

Metaverse Avenue, a new project built on Solana, was designed to help users start their venture into the sector. The advertising metaverse platform uses the power and flexibility of NFTs to allow users, companies, or individuals, to market their products in the digital age.

Make your profile or rent property on the Metaverse

Metaverse Avenue is home to a solid team with extensive knowledge of the development and promotion of blockchain and crypto products. The team includes around 10 individuals who are experts in marketing, design and crypto as a whole. Together, they have created an innovative way to bring together the marketing power of NFTs.

Metaverse Avenue is a platform that allows people to buy NFTs as well as get blocks on digital billboards. A person, company or organization can submit information as well as an image of themselves and their brand. The number of blocks required to create billboards is determined.

According to the project’s official website, Metaverse Avenue will only mint a total of 10,000 tokens. These digital assets are worth one block and will be on sale in a presale starting January 26th.ThLondon Time: 20:00

Whitelists allow investors to register for the presale. You can find more information about the upcoming event on their social media and Discord Channel. Pre-sales will offer a discounted rate for those who register and secure one of the very few spots on the whitelist.

The value of 1 Metaverse Avenue NFT at that point will be 0.99 SOL. Post-event, during the project’s main sale, 1 NFT will be valued at 1.99 SOL that will provide them with their size of the block and location, each to be determined randomly and with their own individual size.

The Metaverse Avenue: How to Generate Passive Income on Digital Land

The NFTs listed on marketplaces such as,, and other sites will become available after these events are over. The owners will have the option to determine how much they want to rent their block for advertisements. Offers are to be set on Metaverse Avenue’s official website.

The platform acts as an intermediary between potential advertisers and digital block owners. Per the project’s website, the functionality to rent-out block will be activated in April 2022 as the platform heads out into a multi-year development phase with exciting new features and capabilities.

Republic Real Estate data shows that digital land is generating over 10x more returns than it did in 2019. This comes from one of the most prominent U.S. property agencies. This sector is poised for greater appreciation due to the growing demand and new financial opportunities such as advertising and marketing with Metaverse Avenue, or similar projects.


Image: Pixabay

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