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Meta’s VP of Metaverse, Vishal Shah, acknowledged that Horizon Worlds, the flagship app that Meta uses to show the potential of its metaverse, still has many problems affecting its usability. In a recent memo, Shah explains that even Meta’s employees are not using the app so much, and hints at the establishment of time quotas for the presence of employees on the platform.

Horizon Worlds Buggy, Meta’s Executive Recognizes

Meta’s metaverse push is facing some trouble, with executives now criticizing Horizon Worlds and the state of the flagship metaverse app of the platform. According to the Verge, Meta’s VP of metaverse, Vishal Shah, made reference to the quality issues that the platform is facing.

The executive acknowledged the poor state of Horizon Worlds currently, and proposed to attack bugs in a “quality lockdown phase” that would extend until the end of the current year. Shah explained the objective of this move would be to “ensure that we fix our quality gaps and performance issues before we open up Horizon to more users.”

Horizon Worlds was created to be used by users who currently own the Meta Quest VR headsets. These are the best way to experience these virtual worlds at this time. While the company has hinted that the platform would be available for web environments, they have not given any further information.

Lack of Employee ‘Love’

Mark Zuckerberg sees the value of the metaverse concept and its future importance as essential for growth. Meta’s metaverse division Reality Labs had a poor showing in July and led to a loss of $2.8 billion. Shah believes this idea is important and strong. The memo stated that Shah believed this concept was strong and had significance.

Since launching late last year, we have seen that the core thesis of Horizon Worlds — a synchronous social network where creators can build engaging worlds — is strong.

However, company employees had been actively refusing to spend time on the platform as of September 15th, when this memo was written. The situation had not changed, and Shah suggested that quotas be established for Horizon Worlds access.

Shah was trying to attract employees with the following:

All employees of this company should be determined to love Horizon Worlds. You can’t do that without using it. You have to get involved. Get together with friends or colleagues to organize times.

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