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In the 35 days since The Merge, ethereum lost significant market dominance. On August 14, 2022, the second leading crypto asset by market capitalization, ethereum, had a market dominance of around 19.5% but three days after the transition to proof-of-stake (PoS), it’s down 13% lower to 16.8%.

In 35 Days, Ethereum’s Market Dominance Slides 13% Lower

Ethereum’s market valuation has dropped a great deal during the past month after reaching $1,996 per unit on August 14, 2022. At that time, ethereum’s market cap was $239.74 billion, and ETH’s market dominance out of the $1.225 trillion crypto economy was roughly 19.5%. Bitcoin’s market dominance was approximately 38.2% at the time, and 35 days ago, BTC’s market valuation was around $470.79 billion.

Merge Flippening Predictions Fail as Ethereum’s Market Dominance Drops 13% in 30 Days
Archived Dominance stats from on Sunday, September 18, 20,22, and Monday, August 14, 2022. Statistics taken at 6:55 pm (ET).

While BTC’s market dominance has remained roughly the same, the crypto economy’s net value of $1.225 trillion back in August has plunged to today’s $994 billion. Over the last 24 hour, USD has fallen by 2.2%. Ethereum’s market dominance is now down to 16.8% after the second leading crypto asset’s market cap slipped from $239 billion to today’s $166.64 billion.

Merge Flippening Predictions Fail as Ethereum’s Market Dominance Drops 13% in 30 Days
On September 18, 2022, ETH/USD. At 20:58 (UTC), statistics were recorded

ETH is suffering significant losses. The 24-hour stats show that ether fell 5.8% Sunday, and has dropped 22.4% the previous seven days. While bitcoin (BTC) is down 1.4% on Sunday, BTC’s weekly stats indicate the leading crypto asset by market cap is down 9.1% against the U.S. dollar. Over the last 24 hours, global swaps totalled $58.13 trillion. Only $12.17 Billion, or just under 20%, was executed in crypto-related transactions.

Ethereum has a broad spectrum of trading pairs with BUSD leading the pack capturing 35.10% of today’s ETH swaps. Tether (USDT) commands 33.34% of Sunday’s ethereum trades, and USD captures 9.78%. The greenback is followed by BTC swaps representing 4.45% of ETH pairs, JPY commands 2.33%, and the stablecoin USDC captures 2.23% of ETH’s trade volume. Binance and FTX are ETH’s most active trading platforms on September 18.

Merge had minimal impact on ethereum. Year-to-date statistics for ETH show a drop of 59.6%. During the last 30 days, the market capitalization of the second-leading crypto asset lost 25.4%. During the past 24 hours on Sunday, ETH’s trading range has been between $1,471 per unit to $1,376 per unit. ETH’s trading range has been between $1,471 per unit and $1,376 per unit for the past 24 hours. This is in addition to YTD data. It was at its lowest price since November 10th, 2021, when it reached $4,878.

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