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According to statistics, the top four meme tokens in market capitalization increased their value by 4.4% over 24 hours. Dogecoin saw a positive week with a jump of more than 20% over the seven-day period. However, 14 meme tokens surpassed dogecoin’s weekly jump as a few tokens have seen triple-digit spikes over the last week.

Dogecoin Rises 20% in Tesla Acceptance, Shiba Iu Ups 7%

Tesla’s announcement that it would now accept DOGE payments caused a rapid rise in the value of the meme crypto. DOGE’s value has risen 20.3% in the past week, according to metrics at the time this article was written. DOGE prices ranged from $0.182 up to $0.192 in the 24-hours ending January 15. Data suggests this. DOGE is valued at $24.8 billion. This represents approximately 1.13% in the 2.20 trillion dollar crypto-economy.

Tradingview Chart: USD/DOGE 1 Year Chart, 15 January 2022

SHIB, the second largest meme cryptocurrency token, hasn’t had a good week in comparison to DOGE. SHIB is up 7.3% in seven days against the U.S. Dollar, despite this. SHIB’s market valuation is just over $17 billion on Saturday, with $614 million in global trade volume. DOGE, however, has $1.9billion in 24 hour trades as of the writing. SHIB’s 24-hour trading range was $0.00003064-$0.00003155.

14 Meme Tokens Outshined Dogecoin’s Weekly Gains

DOGE was the most popular meme coin this week. However, DOGE’s seven-day gain was much smaller than that of other meme tokens. Some coins, such as spookyshiba or SPOOKYSHIBA have experienced triple-digit increases. Over the past week, the meme asset of spookyshiba soared 226.2%. Kuma inu, (KUMA), has risen by 112.9%. Shiba fantom (SHIBA), has risen by 109% in the seven previous days.

According to, the top five meme coins gained this week were January 15th 2022.

Other notable meme coin gainers this week include solabrador (SOLAB) which jumped 70.8%, kitty coin solana (KITTY) swelled by 59.9%, and dogebonk’s (DOBO) value grew by 53% in seven days. The value of baby doge coins (BABYDOGE), cat token (CAT), and floki pups (FLOKIPUP), is now up 42.7%. Five other meme coin crypto assets still had better gains than DOGE, even with Tesla’s recent acceptance announcement.

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