Li Rongbin, Founding Partner of SevenX Ventures, Explains Where the Metaverse and NFT Market Are Heading – Interview Bitcoin News

SevenX Ventures, a blockchain-investment firm that is community driven and researched driven, was founded alongside entrepreneurs. The firm invests in projects and startups in blockchain. More than 100 projects are included in the portfolio of DeFi (DODO Zerion), NFT, Whale, AlchemyNFT, Polkadot ecosystem, Acala, Litentry, AR ecosystem, Koii, Everpay), Near eco (Aurora and Octopus), Web3.0(YGG, Mask Network), among others.

Li Rongbin, a founding partner of SevenX Ventures. To discuss the market, he recently joined News Podcast:

Li Rongbin, Founding Partner of SevenX Ventures, Explains Where the Metaverse and NFT Market Are Heading“Eraser” Li is known as an independent thinker and he specializes in the token economic design, valuation methodologies, and investment logic. Not only is he an investor but also a collector of NFT. A double major in Computer Science and Finance at Nanjing University and a Master of Business degree from the University of Waterloo, he is an avid NFT collector. He can be found on TwitterYou can also reach us directly by email.

SevenX Ventures developed an “immersion investing” strategy to support entrepreneurs’ long-term growth as partners, rather than just investors. By leveraging their robust network and resources, SevenX Ventures stay on the frontlines of voting & governance and provide immediate demand, utility, and liquidity to ensure the success of their portfolio.

More information about SevenX Ventures is at Twitter.

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