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PRICE RELEASELabel Foundation announced recently its willingness to deploy on Binance Smart Chain. They will be using Curvegrid’s cross-chain bridge, which they developed together with a Tokyo-based Blockchain development company. The deployment of the bridge pinpoints to the initiation of the Label’s integration into the Binance Smart Chain’s ecosystem.

Label is a global education platform that uses blockchain technology. It offers a system for promotion, distribution, and investment. The goal of label’s incubation program is to overcome any obstacles or challenges in existing content production.

Label Foundation had already expanded its network with partnerships in the education and blockchain industries. Clesson has already supported OPENTRACK as a music education platform. It will have a number of highly qualified instructors to provide content early in the Label’s ecosystem. They stated that they will bring top-flight artists like Docskim, Docskim, Mark Lettieri, and Scoop DeVille to their platform, to help them incubate their IP rights and NFTize them.

Label Foundation’s primary objective is to hence provide its users with high-quality educational and entertaining resources. Label, apparently, will be able leverage the Binance Smartchain ecosystem’s best features to scale their applications and improve their performance.

A new platform

Label is an NFT framework that has been built atop Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain. It is supported both by the LBL utility tokens and governance tokens. The single goal of Label is to establish a fair profit sharing economy and allow for the incorporation of IP rights. Decentralized Peer To Pay (P2P) platform Label invests in quality entertainment and education materials via the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which allows donors to receive profits through the NFT ownership system.

The Label platform also creates an environment that seeks to incubate content creators within the MOOC sector in an impartial and decentralised manner. This platform seeks to increase the apparent unfair profit structure that is common in this sector as well to prevent copyright infringement cases from occurring across the industry.

BSC Bridge

According to the most recent developments, Label has been officially connected with Binance Smartchain (BSC). The token will be deployed using the MultiBaas Middleware by Curvegrid. This bridge will link Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain. It will allow for smooth movement of LBL tokens between ERC-20 and BEP-20, as well as vice versa.

Solanium is joining LABEL in its role as a strategic consultant, which will help to expand the LABEL ecosystem. Solanium, a platform that is located in Amsterdam, can be used to vote, fundraise decentrally, and stake time-weight tokens. It’s part of the Solana ecosystem. Furthermore, Label’s IDO is also anticipated to take place on RedKite and NFTb for the purposes of conducting public sale.

Label’s whitepaper states that Label intends to provide an unparalleled sales infrastructure and framework based on blockchain technology. This will allow experts, specialists, and professionals to be discovered and invested in. Label’s system integration will create an environment that allows for fair profit sharing in the pursuit of intellectual property rights. Label’s NFT Market will also launch a loop which will allow the Global Value Chain to be initiated by making IP rights in non-fungible tokens easily transactable. It is also working closely with organizations within the entertainment and media industries to ensure that its incubating systems are well-cultivated.



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