Kishimoto Inu is Set to Revolutionize Non-fungible Tokens with its 3D NFT Marketplace

Kishimoto Inu is in the early stages of releasing the world’s first 3D NFT marketplace, taking NFT space to the next level.

The world took notice of non-fungible crypto tokens in 2021. They were the once-maligned segment of cryptocurrency markets that caught the attention mainstream media, celebrities, and internationally recognized brands.

NFT projects have evolved to be more than simple pixels. They are now highly detailed, one-of-a kind digital assets that enable their holders to express their inner self. The architecture behind these times must also evolve to allow anyone to buy and sell them.

This is why the Kishimoto Inu team, which has the aim to be the central hub of all anime-related information on blockchain, set out to build the world’s first 3D NFT marketplace. It will transform the space for non-fungible tokens.

This is a testament to the dedication of the Kishimoto Team to developing the project in order to stay on top of all the trends within the blockchain ecosystem. The announcements of the Katsumi Governance Token launch and KishiSwap2.0 launch have shown this, as well as its efforts to create a 3D NFT marketplace that will set an example for others.

Kishimoto NFT is well-established with over 10,000 products listed on OpenSea, including popular Kishi Ninja NFTs. They will soon be used in a new play-to-earn gaming game currently in its early stages.

The Kishimoto Inu community will expand and early adopters who have unique Kisimoto FFTs, such as the Kishi Ninjas, will be treated to additional perks, contests, and unexpected surprises.

When the KishiSwap 2.0 will fully launch, Kishimoto members will have an easy method to create their NFTs. They can then be traded on the exchange. Or displayed in the museum-like Kishimoto 3D NFT marketplace.

Kishimoto is the only anime-focused and NFT-focused platform that has ever gone to such great lengths to help the industry. The current plans are just the beginning of what Kishimoto’s future plans.

This ambitious Kishimoto roadmap details the launch of KishiSwap 2.0 and KishiSwap DAO tokens for Kishimoto communities. It was released in Q1 2022. The team is on track to achieving its goals within the first month.

The developers of Kishimoto have worked tirelessly to build the ecosystem. They also established bridges with some of the most prominent blockchain networks, including Fantom and Avalanche. This means that Kishimoto can now be traded and stored on multi-chain environments where there are the lowest transaction fees and fastest processing times.

In addition, Katsumi (Kishimoto’s governance token) is also set to launch in the following weeks. Katsumi is a Kishimoto token-burning robot that will help Kishimoto holders. Katsumi’s “active burn” will not only increase Kishimoto’s value by buying tokens but will also decrease the supply in circulation, increasing scarcity for a higher demand for the Kishimoto token. Katsumi will be the first token to implement this “active burn” and will be an originator of the crypto governance tokens to be released in the future.

With multi-chain support and an advanced 3-dimensional interface that gives a next-level environment to view and appreciate anime NFTs on the blockchain, Kishimoto’s 3D marketplace is sure to leave its mark and set the standard for all NFT projects to model or try to beat in the not too distant future.



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