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Sega is one of Japan’s largest gaming companies and has revealed that its first blockchain-based game will be launched in partnership with Double Jump Tokyo. The game, which is based on Sega’s Sangokushi Taisen franchise, will be built using Oasys, a Japanese scaling-focused project, to support its blockchain elements.

Sega Launches First Blockchain Gaming Project

Sega is one of Japan’s most prominent gaming companies and has just announced its plans to build the first blockchain-based video game. Double Jump Tokyo will develop the game. The concept is based upon the popular Japanese arcade game Sangokushi Taisen.

Sangokushi Taisen’s strategy game series allows you to make virtual cards and use them in virtual fields. Blockchain elements can be implemented because of its structure, such as the tokenization and trading of assets. None of these companies has announced the inclusion of blockchain elements in the game’s mechanics.

Sega is yet to announce a release date, although they have not confirmed any other similar projects.

Oasys Blockchain Gaming

Double Jump Tokyo announced also that Oasys will be the vehicle for the blockchain portion of the game. Oasys is a Japanese gaming initiative. Oasys, a blockchain project that is designed to scale to allow for large numbers of players to use its services simultaneously, is called Oasys. This and other releases will help the company make an entry into AAA gaming.

Oasys enjoys the support of both traditional entertainment and crypto powerhouses, like Sega and Jump Crypto. Square Enix was a validator of this chain and is now exploring the possibility to launch blockchain games with the help of the tech.

Sega’s stance on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain games has been ambiguous. Sega stated in January that it may abandon using these technologies for games, if customers consider them a money grab. However, more recently, in April, Sega hinted at the possibility of including NFTs and metaverse elements as part of its “Super Game” development strategy.

Ubisoft and other AAA gaming companies have also been clearer, opening their own NFT markets as well as including NFT elements within games of top franchises. Square Enix included blockchain in their business plan for the future.

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