Integrating The Third Dimension to Social Media

One of the greatest inventions in the digital age is social media. Social media has enabled us to communicate with and interact with others in a way never before possible. It allows us to make connections with other people and share similar ideas.

But social media comes with its own limitations. Social media has many limitations. One is the way information is presented. All data on social media platforms is presented in 2-dimensional formats (e.g., on a monitor). It means people cannot connect with each other via images, sound, or videos. Although this may still be a great way to connect, we cannot deny that it is not enough.

The world we live in is 3D. This means that our experience of the world is richer than what social media shows. Because many moments of human life are on a 3-dimensional plane where humans live, they’re essential. Space for sharing. Humans are social creatures. Physical contact and proximity are the best ways to connect. Unfortunately, many social media platforms do not allow this.

Expansion of the Boundaries

Scientists, developers, and others have begun to examine the current social media landscape. They are now creating alternative platforms that can help us connect and share our real desire for connection and interaction. It is now possible to create digital and immersive spaces that enable people to communicate with others from their own computers, while also connecting with them on a 3-dimensional level.

MT Tower is one project that has been at the forefront. This social media platform also doubles as an operational metaverse. This lifestyle and gaming environment is pushing the space’s boundaries by allowing people to form genuinely intimate connections online. There is an unspoken recognition around the globe that mere images and words are not sufficient to create meaningful connections. Digital alternatives were unavailable until recent years.

The COVID pandemic triggered lockdowns that taught us humans need 3-dimensional contact. This rendered traditional social media useless and unfit for purpose. It is this reason that metaverse environments, such as MT Tower, are so important. It may have sufficed to write messages and send photos in order to feel included socially before the pandemic. We are now more aware of how lonely it can feel. We need virtual spaces, not websites.

Unforgettable Future

MT Tower is creating an intimate, all-encompassing and emotive space. The MT Tower creates an environment where people can gather, share ideas, have memories made, and, above all, to make new friends. The project encourages immersion above all else because it understands that people are three-dimensional and require 3-dimensional tools.

The industry’s first important evolution since inception, this is a crucial moment for social media. Consumers and the general public will welcome the shift from two dimensions to three. This is because there’s a growing awareness among users of social media that images and words are too narrow to accurately capture the essence of human experience.



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