Infinite Launch Kickstarts 2022 With 5 Promising IDO Events

Even though I’ve only been trading in Crypto for a month, Infinite Launch has 5 up & coming blockchain-game, metaverse projects in the pipeline for their community of investors.

Bullieverse – A fantasy metaverse island for extraordinary gaming experiences

Bullieverse is creating an open Metaverse on Unreal Engine for our community to create and play games, and receive rewards or NFTs. This will be fair and transparent.  Play-Earn-Own-Experience is all Bullieverse wishes to bring to its users.

The project has grown to 27 members in just eight months and has a Discord community of over 40,000. Bullieverse successfully raised $2million in August when it had its first NFT-collected collection. Bullieverse’s first game, Bear Hunt, will launch at the end of this year and will be one of the first “play to earn” 3D games. Sfermion and Good Games Guild are among the project’s backers.

Bullieverse was born on Web 3.0. It is a platform which allows ownership of digital assets online with NFT. This platform also allows users to work on large scales with the DAO. Web 3.0 made Metaverse 2.0 open, accessible and controllable for everyone.

Battle of Guardians – The next-gen blockchain multiplayer game NFT

Battle of Guardians (BOG), the first NFT fighting game, will offer three game modes to players. There are three game modes: Story (PvE), Arena(PvP), or Bout (PvP). To earn rewards, players engage in multi-realm combat in an extensive game world. This title is supported by the Solana network and Unreal Engine. Battle of Guardians (BOG) has just declared a cooperation partnership with Good Games Guild, Miracle Gates Entertainment và Big Fire Studios.

The game’s founders hoped to establish a NTF Marketplace, where players could trade NFT assets they have earned and help create a flourishing economy.


Arenum represents the next stage in the development of the technological and commercial infrastructure for web3 gaming. It is also the first platform to host Mobile Esports Tournaments. Arenum, the evolution of Solanaverse as well as Web3 gaming infrastructure provides both gamers and developers with rewarding incentives. Leveraging it’s powerful SDKs, Arenum aims to become the Epic Store of Solanaverse that brings together game devs, gamers and influencers.

Arenum encourages Player-versus Player tournaments. Additionally, it adds an eSports layer on every game that is supported to enable developers and gamers to be more influential.  Arenum’s platform allows everyone to enjoy on-chain interoperability and censorship resistance in an encrypted environment.

Arenum, which fully supports both synchronized as well unsynchronized PvP battles with just a click, will offer modern connectivity to tournament tools. Arenum, which is NTF-enabled Metaverse allows players to play against one another in their favorite games to unlock new NFTs.


Play-to-Earn has made the game-blockchain industry more attractive in recent years. GalaxyBlitzGame, a NTF combat strategy game that players use real-world tokens to create a new player experience. It combines high-octane gameplay with extensive history and lore.

Galaxy Blitz can be described as a Play-To-Earn strategy combat strategy NFT-game. This game takes place in the future as four highly evolved human descendants fight to be first in their respective battles in space and on land. With Galaxy Glitz you will be able to build a powerful interstellar army, conquer other players’ bases and resources, sell your produced minerals, build a strong troop complex with other players and begin the majestic battle of combined fleets.

This team is committed to providing the best possible experience to players. They see the potential to use Augmented Reality to enhance their immersion experience. To purchase NFT tokens or tokens, players will need MIT tokens. NFT tokens or MIT can be used to exchange or sell for crypto and fiat money.


Colizeum SDK allows mobile game developers to quickly implement Play-To Earn economy and tokenised game modes without having any previous knowledge of blockchain. Developers will have the ability to build native blockchain games or add tokenized mode monetization to their traditional monetization.

Colizeum provides cloud-based tokenized tournaments, prediction markets, and a global attention marketplace for blockchain-games — all brought together on the Cardano blockchain. Colizeum is the latest project to be built by Beetroot Lab, the team behind the “Dystopia: Contest of Heroes” mobile strategy game. To test the SDK and economy, we plan to make this game mobile to complete Colizeum’s ecosystem before releasing this product to 3rd party developers.

Infinite Launch: A novel and straightforward method to participate in your favorite projects’ IDOs

To be whitelisted, you don’t have to fight for FCFS. Investors will be able to get a spot at IDO for the lowest price, if they own a $ILA token (Infinite Launch), or purchase Bony Bastards NFT from Infinite Launch. Investors can follow the instructions below to register.

Step 1 Register and complete KYC at
Step 2Spend $ILA to purchase Bony Bastards’ NFT. For 01 Bony, you will receive $5 per IDO project.
Step 3To reach Tier Target, block $ILA. You will receive $20 each time you lock at least 4000 $ILA on Infinite Launch.

It is thought that IDO investors will be able purchase IDO at an attractive price of up to $1000, with an amazing APR. They can also own many $ILA tokens to increase their Tier rank and attain a higher rank on Infinite Launch. Don’t miss out on this exciting investment opportunity.

Disclaimer:Information is shared for informational purposes only, and not as advice to invest.

The Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism where investors can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations. Its purpose is to make it easy for crypto projects of any kind to get the funding that they desire.

Infinite Launch was established as a leading Launchpad by implementing an innovative allocation system.

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