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Ethair Market launched its beta version on Monday, November 8. This allows sellers to sell items earlier and gets buyers familiarized with the site. Ethair has no listing fees and is currently available in the U.S & Canada, soon expanding to the other continents.

Ethair currently offers a giveaway to the first 1000 sellers who sign up to the site and post an item. Out of the 1000 entries 10 sellers will be randomly chosen to win $500 each, and have their item displayed in the ‘Featured Listings’ carousel on the home page. This giveaway will run until January 31st 2022.

Why is Ethair so special?

Ethair Market is focused on improving user’s e-commerce experiences. It supports transaction with cryptocurrency as well as traditional fiat. This platform works hard to differentiate itself from other platforms by its low fees, zero insertion costs, and plans for future crypto additions. Ethair has two types of listing: Market which are new fixed price items, and “Place an Offer Bid” (referred to as BOB on the platform) which includes new and used auction items that customers can buy outright, make an offer on, or bid on like in traditional auctions. This allows for maximum flexibility both for buyers and sellers.

How to Sell Items With Crypto? Ethair Market Offers Users Ebay/Etsy Alternative

Ethair’s motto is: You can sell or you can choose.

Ethair also offers a secure escrow account that can be used for crypto-accepting listings. This makes it easier for buyers and sellers to transact. The funds will remain in escrow till the item is delivered. The buyer can release funds to the seller only if they are satisfied with their purchase.

The benefits of this marketplace don’t stop there. For every ‘Final Value Fee’ Ethair gives both sellers and buyers points. Both buyers and sellers can use these points to subsist the purchase price of an item or to offer extra points for listing in order to encourage buyers. Mint, exchange and/or trade are possible., their points for Ethair’s ETHR token. The token is an Ethereum-based smart contracts token and will provide its holders with even more benefits. This token will give its holders a reduced price for advertising on Ethair Market and no transaction fees for purchasing items with it. Additionally, Ethair Market users who have purchased the token will have the ability to vote in certain matters regarding utility distribution and token distribution. The beta ended on November 15th 2021, and the first vote was held during week 1. Holders of tokens voted to list ETHR in an exchange. Details will be available soon.

Supported cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies Ethair currently supports are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, USDC, and Ethair’s ETHR Token. This includes both the trending currencies like Dogecoin as well as early blockchains. These are the last two tokens. USDC provides a cryptocurrency experience similar to that of a dollar and ETHR Token offers benefits specific for the platform.

How to Sell Items With Crypto? Ethair Market Offers Users Ebay/Etsy Alternative

Company goals & expansion

Ethair’s goal is to become the go-to option as a more customer-friendly platform. The marketplace aims to offer more to users. It aims to be a marketplace that supports sellers and their business. Ethair already has Stripe integration and is looking to expand in 45 other countries. However, it will remain compliant with the local laws.

One big development that’s in the works is the implementation of the NFT marketplace. The way Ethair hopes to tackle NFT’s is a hybrid method of on-chain and off-chain states allowing for cross-chain, feeless and instantaneous transactions while bringing the technology closer to the masses with unique use-cases.

Long-term goals include expanding into warehouses in order to offer even greater convenience to their customers. Ethair hopes to become a major player in the digital marketplaces future, and to establish itself as an established brand.


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