How to Buy IMPT Token

IMPT, the latest Web3 project in the fight against climate change and global warming is now the most prominent. The platform’s advanced carbon market, powered by NFTs, helps individuals and businesses offset their carbon footprint easily and securely. As evidenced by the rapid presale of IMPT tokens, the vision resonates with the public.

This article will provide a guideline on how to purchase IMPT tokens at a discount price in the presale. The importance of IMPT and its contribution to climate action are also discussed. Let’s dive in!

IMPT – In Brief

  • IMPT, a vast Web3 network that links environmental projects and businesses to help reduce carbon emissions, is a huge ecosystem.
  • It allows you to earn IMPT tokens when you purchase products from environmentally-conscious brands using the IMPT shopping platform.
  • On the IMPT Marketplace, you can trade IMPT tokens to carbon credits. Here you can buy, sell and retire carbon credit.
  • IMPT converts carbon credit into NFTs. This avoids double counting fraud and other problems in the carbon market. A stable, transparent environment lowers barriers to entering the carbon market.
  • IMPT, which has 600 million IMPT, is currently in its first phase of presale. Each IMPT costs $0.018.

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How do I buy IMPT token?

IMPT’s blockchain-based services dedicated to helping businesses and individuals offset their carbon output are pioneering. Experts believe that IMPT will be able to reach a large audience in the next months, even those who are not crypto users. If the project unfolds as planned, it will be one of the  best emerging cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022.

The best time to get into the project’s world is right now. A presale is being held for IMPT tokens. It will be divided into three phases.

Presale – 1 600,000,000 tokens (20%) $0.018
Presale – 2 660,000,000 tokens (22%) $0.023
Presale – 3 540,000,000 tokens (18%) $0.028

IMPT presale overview

As presale stages move up, the token’s price will go up. To reap maximum returns, grab them now at a discount price.

This guide will show you how to buy IMPT tokens at the best price.

1. Create a Crypto wallet

To participate in the IMPT presale, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. If you’re accessing the presale via a desktop, make sure you have a MetaMask wallet extension installed on your browser. You will have a smooth experience when connecting to the platform.

Metamask wallet source: Metamask

You can also use your phone to purchase IMPT coins. Trust Wallet can be used to do this. Paste the downloaded Trust Wallet. https://impt.ioUse the browser to connect to the presale site.

Don’t forget to note down the recovery code and store it somewhere safe and hidden. This code will allow you to gain access to your wallet and other assets even if the device has been lost.

Take Note: The ERC-20 token IMPT can be purchased. To purchase IMPT tokens you can use all Ethereum-based wallets. Metamask, Trust Wallet and Trust Wallet work best for this task.

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Once you’ve created the wallet, it’s time to head to the IMPT website. It’s easy to connect your wallet with the platform. Click the button [Connect Wallet]Click on the button in the box to choose your wallet provider. If you’re using a wallet other than Metamask, click [Wallet Connect]. Check that the Ethereum network is connected to your wallet.

Connect your wallet with IMPT. Source:

Step 3: Order ETH/USDT

You can purchase IMPT tokens with ETH, USDT or your credit card. Below are details of each step:

A. A.

In a matter of minutes, you can exchange ETH you already own for IMPT. You can choose to do this by choosing [Buy IMPT with ETH]Start at the homepage. Click on the button to enter the amount of IMPT that you want, and click Next [Convert ETH]. This page will show you the price of gasoline and how much total payment is required. Follow the instructions to confirm the transaction.

B. B.

You can swap USDT for IMPT if you have them in your pocket. Choose the first choice [Buy IMPT with USDT]Start at the homepage. Then enter the amount you would like to buy in IMPT and then click [Convert USDT]. This page will show you the price of gasoline and how much total payment is required. Follow the instructions to confirm the transaction.

Buy IMPT using USDT, source:

C. Purchase IMPT using a credit card

Transak lets you purchase Ethereum using your card. This can be used to make a payment for IMPT. Purchase at least $30 worth of ETH in order to ensure that you have the funds necessary to purchase IMPT tokens as well as pay gas fees.

Transak: Buy ETH and a card at IMPT

Go through the price and gas fees first to stock up your wallet with the required funds, in case you’re running short. A minimum of 10 IMPT is required. We recommend that you purchase at least 100 IMPT per transaction, since multiple transactions will result in higher gas prices.

Step 4: Claim IMPT tokens

After the presale closes, your IMPT tokens will be available for you to redeem on the website.

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The IMPT simplifies carbon offsetting

Everyday actions have an environmental consequence. We’re more aware of this. Thanks to social media and the growing number of initiatives against climate change, there’s a new tribe of consumers who prioritize sustainability over luxury. Companies are forced to change consumer behaviour to survive.

All activities polluting the environment must be stopped at once. It would not be practical. With the aid of innovation and technology, we can work together to find eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. We can also contribute to projects that help restore and renew the Earth.

Businesses and individuals can offset their carbon emissions through carbon offsetting. This involves purchasing carbon credits, and then indirectly taking part in the initiatives. Most businesses must offset a certain amount of carbon annually. However, many individuals are willing to participate in these initiatives to cultivate positive brand awareness. However, there is a significant barrier to entry in the carbon market, even for voluntary buyers.

IMPT links environmental projects to businesses and people, source:

IMPT is a new Web3 platform that brings together environmentally-conscious individuals, brands, and businesses. By tokenizing carbon credit into NFTs, it reshapes carbon markets and makes them easily accessible for everyone. NFTs’ transparent, indestructible nature eliminates double spending risks and other scams which are common on the carbon market. IMPT, therefore, is one the top cryptocurrencies that has lower risk returns.

How can you acquire carbon credits through IMPT

IMPT shopping platform, source:

IMPT can offer carbon credits in the following ways:

  • Purchase tokenized carbon credit from the marketplace, whether you are a person or a business.
  • You can earn IMPT tokens when purchasing products from environmentally-conscious brands using the IMPT shopping platform. (IMPT partners with global companies to provide a variety of products to customers. You can then convert the accumulated IMPT tokens into carbon credits via the platform.
  • If you’re a business, you can sign it up on IMPT store and allocate a specific sales margin to credible carbon offsetting projects. This will give you IMPT point, which can be used to convert carbon credits into carbon credits using the marketplace.

IMPT, in essence, simplifies carbon offsetsetting. If you’re planning to invest in green cryptocurrencies this year, IMPT makes an excellent choice.

IMPT’s social platform gamifies carbon offsetsetting

Incentivizing people is the key to extending an initiative and increasing its chances of success. IMPT’s unique social platform highlights the project’s relevance in the global carbon market.

IMPT social platform, source:

Based on the contribution of businesses and individuals to carbon offset initiatives, the platform calculates an individual’s IMPT score. You can also compare your scores with family members and friends to make it a friendly competition. You can improve your IMPT score in many different ways. These include shopping at the IMPT shop, getting an NFT credit carbon credit, referring users, retiring carbon credits, as well as other methods.

It’s also worth noting that IMPT gives users a unique NFT art as a reward for burning their carbon credits.

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Why IMPT is The Greenest Cryptocurrency of 2022

IMPT, due to its significant contribution to combating global warming/climate change is among the most viable cryptocurrencies. There are many cryptocurrency projects that attempt to decentralize the carbon offsetting marketplace, but IMPT is different because it has innovative blockchain use cases such as carbon credit tokenization.

IMPT marketplace, source:

Analysts and industry experts predict that IMPT is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It is an accurate prediction:

  • IMPT is able to cater both to the voluntary market for carbon offsets (VCM) and the mandatory market. Since 2008, the market for mandatory carbon offsets has been growing at 128%. The VCM will grow by 25x in 2050. The rising interest in climate action, and growing demand for carbon credits suggest that IMPT tokens will be in a bull market soon after their exchange listing.
  • The IMPT whitepaper states that the project has been actively collaborating with major industry players. Its high profile partnership makes it more visible than other niche projects.
  • Blockchain is long accused of causing the climate crisis to worsen. Sustainability-conscious investors stay away from crypto and NFTs due to their environmental impact. IMPT, however, will change investors’ minds.
  • Tokenization of carbon credits, which was discussed previously, is an important step in fighting climate change. These credits eliminate double spending, frauds and other pitfalls that can be found in the carbon market. They are also likely to attract brands and celebrities who want to get onboard NFT.

Price prediction for IMPT

The token will rise to 10X upon listing if you consider the inherent potential of the project as well the fast pace at which the IMPT presale progresses. By 2023, returns on the token could increase by anywhere from 20X to 30% as the platform releases new features and forms partnerships.

The total supply of IMPT tokens is three billion. Of these, 10% have been sold to early-adopters. A presale has begun at $0.018 and will be held in three phases. The first stage will see 600,000,000 tokens reserved. Due to the increasing demand, tokens will likely sell much sooner than the 25th November presale.

The second stage will follow at $0.023. In the third stage, it will go up to $0.028.

Conclusion: Making an investment in the future of our planet

After analyzing each aspect of the project, it became clear that IMPT has the potential to make a name for itself in the years ahead. This marks the dawn of a new age in climate action, with many novel Web3 uses cases. Not only are they a great long-term investment, but they also make a good social investment. To get the best returns, stock up early on IMPT tokens at a discount price.

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