How NFT Cypherpunks Help Holders Get Richer

One of the most popular investments assets is non-fungible tokens. Collectors and gamers massively bought up NFTs in the hope of reselling them at a higher price or using them in the metaverse or as a tool of preferences included in the mechanisms of the project’s functioning. Play-2-Earn has allowed for the expansion of the range of tokens. These tokens can be used to create avatars and attributes for computer games. Secondary sales can also bring in good returns for some NFTs. We will look at Cypherpunks as an example to show how non-fungible tokens can be used and whether collectible images have a future.

NFT that includes history is more valuable

In 2017, the first NFTs appeared. In 2017, the first NFTs were created. In 2018, the idea of ​​creating Cypherpunks came up. These creators wanted to provide information in an easy-to-understand format about crypto encryption. It was difficult and unusual for everyday people at the time. It is now a huge industry in cryptocurrency and blockchain, each with its own story.

The original Cypherpunk Collection has thirty unique NFTs that are traded on OpenSea. Each week, a unique Cypherpunk is released by the issuing company. The price for each one goes up proportionally. Last cypherpunk was purchased for 6.15 Ethereum, or more than 27,000 USD.

Cypherpunks’ success is explained by its historical context and the small number of copies.

“We have deliberately released a very limited collection of Cypherpunks to bring token holders to true digital art connoisseurs. The cost of NFT will gradually increase as the project develops”, comments founder M. Kubrick.

NFT to play 2-Earn

Two additional NFT token collections will be released by the company this winter. These NFT tokens will be available in Play-2-Earn, which launches in 2022.

“The new collections will include 3000 NFT and 30,000 NFT. In addition to being linked to the pool and blockchain, they will be used to participate in the Play-2-Earn game, which we will launch next year”, says M. Kubrick.

CyhperpunkThe project’s last stage and highest ambitions, 30 NFT is eligible for nodes to be generated on the Blockchain.

Cypherpunk: rebelsThere are currently 3,000 tokens. On December 15, the NFT collection will be available for sale. The owners are directly involved with the functional collection in the “Devouring pool”. Inclusion in the “founder’s bonus” pool at the stage of node formation.

Сypherpunk: anarchistThere are 30,000 tokens. Each user will be included in the “conceptualist” pool at the stage of forming the network of nodes.

Every NFT is a character that will stand out in the game. The ranking system depends on how rare the NFTs are.

NFTs will be available for purchase from Cypherpunk rebels collection by the company starting December. Today’s users have the opportunity to register on the whitelist and get special terms for purchasing NFT.

Stablecoins are revolutionizing finance

In addition, the issuing company plans to issue its own stablecoin, which will “reflect the level of user confidence in the traditional financial system.”

“We can accurately measure and track how and at what rate the US dollar loses its initial value relative to itself. The value of the US dollar is its trust in the US government and economy. We can see that 100 units are equivalent to confidence in the dollar. If we then assume the same level of certainty, 110 will be 10% greater. While the 10% advance may make sense, it makes more sense than 100 %. The advance payment of 100% was passed a long time ago, we give one more chance and start the countdown over again”, commented M. Kubrick.

Algorithmic stability coin based upon the Reverse USD Index.

The price of a USDR token is determined by the Reverse USD Index. Tokens issued by USDT are numbered according to their index coefficient. For example, USDR becomes 1 USDT to USDR if USDT’s USD value drops 10%. But, with reverse currency at the same time, USDR is changed to USDT. While the USDT/USDR exchange closes the pool, withdrawals in the normal dollars are always possible. USDT provides USDR in an equal amount. If a person deposits 1 USDT into the pool he will get 1 USDT back.

The CexToDex index will reflect the process of transition of the outdated centralized financial system to the new one – decentralized.

This index has a numerical value, the ratio is representing the total value of values ​​in two areas denominated in dollar values. Fiat currencies, derivatives and other currency are valued in their base currency or the US Dollar. The indicator is easily understood and the growth of this indicator is proportional to human society’s progress. The information that is attached describes a second process. USD Reverse index can be described as an uncontrolled process of devaluation of common values ​​due to the devaluation of the currency in which almost everything in our world is now denominated. We are changing this strategy.

You can find more information about USDT-USDR, the games within the cypherpunk universe and the future blockchain on the project’s website as well as on its social media channels.


NFT’s creation and popularity are changing the financial market in a significant way. These tokens, which are not fungible, have become a digital collectible and can also be used for the Play-2-Earn gambling sector. NFT is widely used to make a profit, not just through secondary sales, but also by integrating into functional components of projects such as games.


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