Here’s What Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Wants For Christmas

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano is getting ready for Christmas. Hoskinson went live Monday on YouTube to answer questions from members of the public. Hoskinson answered a variety of community questions about Cardano.

Cardano’s Founder Wishes Christmas

During the AMA Hoskinson presented a list of things he wants for Christmas. It was not the usual items-list of Christmas gifts. Hoskinson chose to tackle a very pressing problem in the crypto industry, and that was the gap that exists between investors from different projects.

Cardano Records Over 20 Million Transactions Ahead of DEX Launches| Cardano Records Over 20 Million Transactions Ahead of DEX Launches

Cardano was one of those projects that has suffered the most from FUDs. Since its token ADA’s two-month-long decline, Cardano has been the subject of hateful remarks on social media. Hoskinson is calling for everyone involved in crypto to get along.

“The one thing I want for Christmas is for everyone to start getting along in our industry. It’s extraordinary to me that when people are so close in philosophy and viewpoint, and in some cases technology, they can be so far apart as people. It’s extraordinary,” the founder said.

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We are pushing for better systems going forward

Hoskinson also spoke out about the long-standing systems that keep investors from getting along with each other. This is because crypto-related industries are not as hateful as crypto.

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“You don’t see this in other industries,” Hoskinson said. “You don’t see in physics or biology, or cellphone manufacturing, or whatever, pick an industry, the amount of tribalism, hate, and vitriol that our industry has for each other.”

He explained that if people continue to hate each other there won’t be any way to defeat the true enemy which he called the legacy systems. This system had kept three billion people down and would continue to do so, he said. It will be difficult, as people will continue to try and divide the system.

Hoskinson says that books and podcasters will say things to divide people. The majority of hateful comments will come from social media. It is up to all in the industry, however to stand firm and stop the hatred.

“That has to stop and the only way it’s going to stop is if we get better systems that are more fair. We must work together to achieve that. So, we’ll see, 2022, whether that’s accomplished.”

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