Grubhub Announces Free Bitcoin Rewards On Food Deliveries

Grubhub is an American online food delivery service that offers a new and exciting way for its customers to interact. Lolli is a Bitcoin rewards platform that allows users to earn Bitcoin (BTC).

Integrating crypto into a simple routine activity – like ordering food online, is yet another effort at driving crypto adoption.

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Lolli partners with companies from different industries to give customers BTC Rewards.

Bitcoin and food

In a Wednesday An announcementLolli explained that Grubhub users will receive $5 in BTC upon their first order. Subsequently, they would get $1 in BTC on other food orders using the platform’s extension. To enjoy this benefit users must activate Lolli via web or mobile prior to placing orders at Grubhub. Once a user makes $15 (or roughly 0.00026 BTC) at the current $56,902 price, they can transfer that money to their personal virtual wallet.

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CEO and Co-founder of Lolli Alex Adelman explained that Lolli’s mission is to integrate bitcoin into aspects of everyday life.

“Food delivery is a ritual for many and bitcoin rewards make bitcoin a part of that ritual. Giving users bitcoin rewards on every Grubhub order is an incredible milestone for bitcoin adoption, making earning BTC easier and more accessible than ever,” he said.

Grubhub’s Director of Growth Marketing, Bridget Scanlan, also expressed her pleasure with the partnership. It is another way for Grubhub to thank its customers.

It announced last month a novel food-delivery service to University of Arizona customers. All orders are now delivered by rovers, which are delivery robots that can be used to transport food from campus dining venues.

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Lolli is, however, not the first – nor will it be the last – company in the food industry to integrate crypto into its products. Last month, Burger King and Robinhood partnered to give customers cryptocurrency prizes. Members who spend $5 at Burger King or its Royal Perks loyalty program were entitled to BTC, Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin and DOGE.

Lolli Steadily Encourages Crypto Adoption

Lolli says it is the world’s first online bitcoin reward program that lets people shop and earn BTC. The company has teamed up with over 1000 top brands and merchants, including Microsoft, Kroger, Sephora, and Macy’s, to offer customers BTC rewards.

Lolli believes that bitcoin is a “global alternative currency and universal store of value and wants to share it with the world.”

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