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PRESS RELEASE. GensoKishi Online, excited to announce the listing of their ROND in-game token on Bybit (a top crypto asset exchange) on September 29, 2022 at 10AM (UTC).

GensoKishi, the web3 sequel to the award-winning Nintendo Switch/PS4 game “Elemental Knights”, has undoubtedly become the most anticipated GameFi title to have originated from Japan. Now, GensoKishi will rebrand as “Genso”, the No. Now GensoKishi is rebranded as “Genso”, Japan’s No..

“From the gaming world to the metaverse!”

Genso has all the factors necessary to become Japan’s number one Metaverse:

  • It has been in operation for fourteen years, and boasts an active community.
  • The 3DMMORPG has been an open-ended 3DMMORPG that features a functioning 3D metaverse. It is available worldwide on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the industry, this development company is well-connected with Japanese IPs.

“The most LOVED game in Japan will become Japan’s No.1 metaverse”

How will Genso become Japan’s No.1 Metaverse?

You can discover many places within the Genso Metaverse. They include Lands that have been created by different Japanese IPs, as well web3 companies with which Genso has been working.

The ROND token is part of Genso’s essential foundation for building a new economy within the Metaverse space. Genso will be experienced by users as though it was a park with Japanese IPs and brands.

Genso will also keep improving the gaming world ‘GensoKishi Online METAWORLD’ which will always be an integral part of the metaverse “GENSO.”

2022 is the year that will mark the beginning of our metaverse.

The team will accelerate their efforts to make ‘GENSO’ a deeply rooted name in modern society.

To become the world’s go-to metaverse in means of Japanese IPs and brands, the Genso team is committed to investing in ‘GENSO’ and building a stable economy based on the newly listed ROND (token).

White Paper (Lite).

AMA for Genso updates to be hosted

CEO Maxi will host an AMA to discuss the plans of GENSO metaverse. Five participants will also receive Yoshitaka Amano x GensoKishi Collaboration NFTs.

For more information, please follow GensoKishi’s official Twitter account, as there will be an announcement in the next few days.

Official Twitter Account

Information about the Yoshitaka-Amano Collaboration NFT collection:

What’s Bybit?

Bybit, a crypto asset exchange based in Singapore was founded in 2018.

Its user base consists of individuals from 130 different countries, and it is considered one of the world’s most popular crypto asset exchanges.

Official website:

Official Twitter

What’s the meaning of ROND token?

MiniROND can be converted to ROND and then brought into the metaverse.

Users have the option to use mROND currency in order to conduct economic activities like production, distribution and consumption within the metaverse.

Users can, for example, use the mROND currency for items, base weapons, and armour to buy them; to pay to participate in certain modes, events, and quests that may not be available under certain conditions; forge and strengthen their base equipment; trade NFTs and make UGC (User Generated Contents).

By selling items obtained from adventures within the fantasy world or defeating monsters in the Metaverse, GensoKishi establishes that players can earn a “Play to ECO” environment and mROND. The metaverse’s most important feature is the ability to exchange mROND for ROND.

Different between MV Token

The MV token serves as the governance token of the Genso metaverse. Players who own MV tokens have various rights and privileges both inside and out of the metaverse. You will need $MV to be able to bid in the LAND and Cosplay NFT auctions. UGC, an indispensable feature of the metaverse is available to those who stake at least $MV. This allows them to create/create original maps and NPCs as well as Cosplay NFTs. In-game token $ROND is also available to players by taking $MV.

GensoKishi Online -META WORLD- Community

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